Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Additions of the Stupid Kind...

Bob and Ross sent in the latest addition (sorry Ross, Bob got it in first).

Man shot to death after forcing his way into home, deputies say
A man armed with a shotgun who forced his way into his ex-girlfriend's Newberry home Sunday was driven away after a fight inside the home, according to a report.

When he returned with another shotgun, a woman inside the home and a teenager each shot him with handguns, the Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office reported.

Okay, now here's my beef with this story.This guy kicks the door in, fires a shot, and gets the gun taken away from him. Okay, this part I grok. This part is good. The people in the house do what you'd expect: They call the police. Now, they're calling in saying that an armed man broke into their home and fired a shot - you would think this would get some kind of priority, right? Well, unless the guy lived three doors down, not really - because he had time to go home, get another gun and come back.

Now, think about this imbecile. He walks into the house with a gun, fires a shot, and then has the gun taken away from him. He leaves and decides to come back - even though he knows the people in the house have a gun, the one he had taken from him. You tell me what he had planned. He knows there's at least one gun in the house, and still heads over? I think if they hadn't had their own guns, there'd be a bunch of dead folks rather than one dead goblin.

I prefer it much better this way.

Dead Goblin Count: 362

That is all.


Angus McThag said...


Bob Ross?

Happy little dead goblins!

Phssthpok said...

"If you carry a gun it'll just get taken away and used against you!"


Suz said...

They CALLED 911! Shouldn't they have just sat on the sofa with their hands folded in their laps, waiting for the police to protect them?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Uh, what do they use for Squad Cars down there, the Budweiser Clydesdales?

Anonymous said...

"Uh, what do they use for Squad Cars down there, the Budweiser Clydesdales?"

Nope, pack mules. :)