Friday, February 1, 2013

Ban Assault Spears!

Okay, this is a little ridiculous...

Northbridge Officer Stabbed With Spear After A High Speed Chase
NORTHBRIDGE (CBS) – A Northbridge police officer was stabbed with a double-bladed spear following a car chase Friday morning.
Police say the officer, Thomas Dejordy, was helping Milford police stop a blue 2003 Jaguar that was clocked going 70 mph in a 30 mph zone.
Apparently the dude made it to his home, sprinted upstairs where he grabbed a spear, and proceeded to stab the cop through his protective vest. The officer - even though wounded - was able to subdue the suspect without shooting him 15 times and took him into custody. Bravo, officer. That you managed to bring him in despite your wounds is excellent. That you were able to do it without shooting him multiple times - something that I don't think anyone would have faulted you for doing - speaks volumes to your professionalism as well as your sheer badassery.

Dude stabbed you with a spear and you still took him down. DAMN.

Second point: Can we please put to rest the idea that we have a gun problem and instead focus on a social problem? Where on earth does someone get the notion that it is an acceptable response to a) travel well over twice the speed limit; b) run from the police; or c) assault a police officer? Ironically enough, if he had shot the officer, he might have done less damage - the vest would have stopped a handgun round. That his first instinct was to grab a weapon, period, speaks volumes.

Ban guns and the criminals and insane find other weapons - do we need a Coalition to Stop Spear Violence next?

That is all.


Anonymous said...

First we don't get very many crazy Masai car drivers here in SoKy.

Secondly if you stabs someone with a spear, your going to get lit up like a Christmas tree in SoKy.

Third, if it was a double edged spear, does that make it an assault spear up there?


ASM826 said...

Are you saying that your first instinct isn't to grab a weapon?

Jay G said...

When I'm getting in trouble for screwing up? No.

Ed said...

The DHS would call those "personal defense" spears, not "assault" spears:

HerrBGone said...

The car didn't have 01 painted on the doors by any chance? Of course they had compound bows and not spears...

Old NFO said...

Yep, I'm amazed his ass didn't get lit up too!

Stretch said...

That officer must clank when he walks.

Bob said...

You can be sure some legislator up there, reading the story, is making him/herself a note to introduce a spar ban on Monday.

And WTF is a "double-bladed spear?" Does it have a shoulder thing that goes up? How will we distinguish between assault spears and, say, pointed sticks?

SpeakerTweaker said...

Ban guns and the criminals and insane find other weapons - do we need a Coalition to Stop Spear Violence next?

That's ridiculous, Jay. There's not going to be a Coalition to Stop Spear Violence because it's already illegal to stab people with...

Oh. OH.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Uh, I remember being in the Navy and my Ship going through an Overhaul at the old Brazwell Shipyard in Downtown Boston (by Jimmy's and the No-Name Restaurant). This was in 1978. I KNEW that carrying a Handgun was Verboten even back then, but I wanted SOMETHING to use for Self-Defense. So I went to a Cutlery Store, looking for a Boot knife like a Gerber Guardian. I was shocked to find out that DOUBLE-EDGED BLADES were BANNED in Mass.! So I got me a Spyderco (wish I still owned it, BTW)!

Moral of the Story? Well, it's OBVIOUS that the Knife Laws in Mass have FAILED, and NEW, STRONGER AND MORE ILLEGALER LAWS MUST BE PASSED!

I recommend that the Mass.Gooberment IMMEDIATELY do a House-to-House Search for all those DANGEROUS STABBY THINGS before another Only One gets Hurt! Think of the Children!


Think I'm Kidding?

Just ask TJIC.

Anonymous said...

...."Are you saying that your first instinct isn't to grab a weapon?"

In this case I'm sure that King Cop was too busy trying to juggle carrying his cohones and arresting the Masai Jag Pilot in the Temple of Doom-a-chusetts.