Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back-to-Back Additions

A whole bunch of folks sent in this DGC addition:

Homeowner kills intruder: 'I was fighting for my life'
HICKORY, N.C. – A Hickory man is grateful to be alive after he said an intruder broke down his front door, and tried to beat him and rob him Saturday morning.

Paul Ohle said he was in his kitchen around 9 a.m. when he heard his front door being kicked in.

There's no mention of Mr. Ohle's age, but he looks to be at least in his 50s. The man who attacked him was 32. The forces against freedom would prefer Mr. Ohle face down an intruder 20+ years his junior with his bare hands - survival of the fittest, human style. Instead, Mr. Ohle used the best tool available to defend himself and was able to prevail against someone younger, stronger, and more willing to instigate violence against his fellow man.

Now, you have to ask, why do they want us defenseless against such predators?

Dead Goblin Count: 374

That is all.

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