Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Interesting Direction...

One of the neat things at SHOT Show last month was the news that Crimson Trace will be coming out with a new line of entry-level laser grips in their Defender Series. At Media Day at the Range, they had the J-frame model available:

They're debuting this line later this year, and the MSRP is half of their traditional grip lasers ($149 for the Defender vs. $299 for the Lasergrip). It's not the instant-on of the Lasergrip, but it is Crimson Trace quality and reliability at a significantly lower entry point.They're also debuting a significant number of their new green lasers, for the 1911 (WANT), J-frame, and Glock among others.

I had limited opportunity to try the new Defender series at Range Day (they were running out of .38 Special ammo by the time we got to the Crimson Trace booth), so it was limited to dry-firing. The activation isn't as automatic as the Lasergrip, that's a given, but it's still simple to activate the laser with a two-handed grip (or by a slight modification of the grip if shooting left-handed). The Defender line of grips will allow folks to experience the benefits of adding Crimson Trace laser to a defensive handgun at a lower entry point.

Looking forward to seeing this line hitting the shelves - anything that gets good defensive products into the hands of the good guys is a win in my book!

That is all.


skidmark said...

I don't know that I want to be using my thumb to press the barrel downwards.. Also, for some values of "grip" the thumb is needed on the other side of the stocks to keep things lined up.

It is an intruiging notion, but I'm going to need to try it out in person before I plunk any money down for something that makes me radically change the way I do something.

stay safe.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Is that an on/off switch, or do you have to hold it down to keep the laser on? If it's the former, I think it could work well (activate it during the draw), but if it's the latter I'm not interested - even at half the price they're going to be asking.

Jay G said...

It's an on/off switch - you depress it once to turn it on, once for off. It takes more effort than the grip lasers, certainly, but it's still a Crimson Trace grip with all the expected quality and reliability.