Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Corrupt LA Politician Gets Busted? It's Not 4/1...

Got this off the BLNN yesterday, and I still can't believe it's true...

Ex-La. official Broussard sentenced to prison for paying wife for work she never did
NEW ORLEANS – A judge imposed a sentence of nearly four years for the ex-president of a populous New Orleans parish best known for sobbing during a nationally televised interview during Hurricane Katrina's chaotic aftermath. 
Former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard will serve 46 months and pay a $280,000 fine for a payroll fraud scheme that also involved his wife. A federal judge also ordered Broussard to return $66,000 in bribery money and make restitution to Jefferson Parish.
Wow. Not just arrested. Not just indicted. Not even convicted, but sentenced and everything. Now, here's the funny thing. Had he set her up with an office and staff - at a greater cost - and had her "working" there (whether or not she actually showed up), he might have gotten away with it. It's just that he got lazy - why go through all the trouble of setting it up to look like a real job when you can just fake it all. Instead, it was all on paper, and he got caught for it.

You have to wonder, too. This isn't a mindset that springs up overnight. Back in 2005, was he really doing everything he could to help the people of his parish in the aftermath of Katrina, or was he trying to line his pockets back then, too. This is a man who went on TV claiming that FEMA was turning away relief efforts; are we to believe that he was telling the truth then, but has since decided on a life of lies and deceit? Especially considering that he was known for stretching the truth in the aftermath of Katrina, I think it's safe to say this leopard has not changed his spots. At least now he'll be held (marginally) accountable.

This is almost as unbelievable as hearing that Massachusetts actually prosecuted a politician for driving while intoxicated!

That is all.


lelnet said...

Well, even the worst liars _sometimes_ tell the truth. Government authorities _were_, for example, turning private relief efforts back at the border, during the immediate aftermath of Katrina.

Anonymous said...

I do think most folks in New Orleans and Chicago believe their elected officals should get a "commission" on money they bring in to their district or parish.

They just don't like it when they get too greedy.


Armed Texan said...

It was a nice run, but it looks like Louisiana may give up its crown as the most corrupt state in the nation. Congratulations Massachusetts, you may soon be number one.

Glenn B said...

Jay, you left out this part:

"The populist Democrat pleaded guilty to conspiracy and theft charges in September..."

Now while it must assuredly true that corrupt politicians come to us as members of any political party, it seems fitting that a Demoncrat would pay someone for nothing using hard earned tax payer dollars to do so.

all the best,
Glenn B