Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Very Interesting...

Got this in e-mail yesterday and thought it was pretty interesting:

Behind the Scenes at – 2012 Ammo Stats
Our Customers

Many of you may be surprised that we receive more traffic from California than any other state in the Union (even after a slight decline last year) – I know I would have guessed Texas, right? Can anyone guess who #11 is (feel free to answer in the comments)?

I'm guessing that "visits to the website" has a direct correlation to online ammo sales. It still isn't that surprising to see CA in the lead, just based on pure population and number of gunnies in CA. What *does* surprise me is that NY is fourth - I guess despite Mayor Bloomberg's best efforts, there are still folks in the Empire State that are interested in things what go boom...

I'm pretty certain that MA isn't 11th on the list, given the reluctance of folks to ship ammo into Massachusetts... Someday that might change, but for now we're relegated to the tried and true method of going to an actual store. How archaic! See, the problem is that if ammunition is sold online, the state won't get the fees for the ammunition permit - so most places just won't ship to MA. It has nothing to do with public safety, and everything to do with more $$$ coming into the state.

Anyways, thanks to Luckygunner for putting this together - very interesting indeed!

That is all.


LuckyGunner said...

Hey Jay - Massachusetts was #28 in traffic, FYI. That's something to be proud of. :)

Daniel in Brookline said...

Well, won't ship ammo to MA... a curse be upon them and their pointy little heads.