Friday, January 25, 2013

Tiny Tim Is Crooked, Too?

Lovely. You've just gotta love MA politics. Not only are we content to see Speaker of the House after Speaker of the House get sent up the river, but now, apparently, our beloved Lt. Governor as well...

Report: Evidence That Lt. Gov. Murray Broke Campaign Finance Laws
BOSTON (CBS) – State regulators have requested a criminal investigation into the political finance activities of Lt. Gov. Tim Murray and several campaign staffers.
According to the State House News Service, The Office of Campaign and Political Finance Director Michael Sullivan reportedly sent a letter to Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office back in September indicating his office had uncovered evidence that campaign finance laws were broken.
Tim "Crash" Murray was named along with Michael McLaughlin, who has been indicted for various improprieties and came under fire recently for lying about his salary. Yeah, the former head of the Chelsea Housing Authority was claiming some $200K *LESS* than his actual salary - he was making $360K but claiming $160K - and wound up losing his cushy gig. The connection between Murray and McLaughlin was discovered in September, and only managed to make it into the news now. Coincidence, to be sure.

Or perhaps the connection between the two men was in the black box of the state car Murray wrecked and they just retrieved the information now...

That is all.


lee n. field said...

I bet you don't have as many ex-pols in jail as Ill-i-noise.

Anonymous said...

In MA the pol's who go to jail are the ones who either stepped out of line and failed at a power play or otherwise angered the power structure

If we actually had a functional , independent judicial branch we wouldn't have anybody still in office