Thursday, January 10, 2013

Time For Another Round of "Imagine If"

Okay, here's the scenario: It's very late 2004. George W. Bush has just been re-elected over John F. Kerry, when a series of high-profile late-term abortions performed solely for shock value cause religious conservatives all over the country to agitate for action. Using the argument that late-term abortions are not needed, they push for something to be done. Attempting to placate his base, Vice President Cheney goes into a closed-door meeting with the National Right To Life organization and comes out with this statement:

WASHINGTON — President Bush is planning a comprehensive effort to pass legislation and use executive orders to prevent late-term abortions, representatives of about a dozen pro-life organizations were told Wednesday at a White House meeting.

Could you imagine the unholy s**tstorm that would have ensued?

To those on the left:  Please think long and hard about the precedent you are about to establish here. Think about how you would react to the above scenario, where President Bush/McCain/Romney passed an executive order banning late-term abortions. You point to Roe vs. Wade as the be-all, end-all in the abortion debate - yet ignore the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights when it comes to anything related to gun control.

I won't run through the arguments again - we've been through all of them before, over and over. Rifles are used in a tiny fraction of crimes involving firearms. 1 X 30 round magazine is indistinguishable from 3 X 10 round magazines. England is the most dangerous country in Europe for gun crime, and all handguns and "assault weapons" are banned there. Every single reason you can put up for President Obama passing new laws by executive order has be covered.

My good friend Borepatch doesn't think that Obama will waste the political capital in passing executive orders. He's too concerned about losing the Senate in 2012; Borepatch thinks; with a GOP-controlled House and Senate we can repeal ObamaCare. Now, I really admire my #1 blogson; he is, as we say around here, wicked smaht, but I have to disagree with him - I don't think the GOP has the stones to repeal ObamaCare even if they had the votes, and I certainly don't think that Obama cares whether the Senate goes GOP in 2014.

Honestly, I think Obama is doing what he's doing to one-up Bill Clinton. He did this with ObamaCare - the national health care that Clinton failed to enact in his two terms was passed in Obama's first term and will be enacted in Obama's second term. I think that he's going to push for a new, further-reaching, permanent assault weapons ban - this would be another area where he went further than Bill Clinton.

Someday, leftists, the GOP will field a candidate that doesn't suck. When this day arrives, are you going to want this new Republican taking office with the precedent that he can ban anything he wants via Executive order? Are you willing to give up abortion for this? Gay marriage? Legalized marijuana? A determined, right-leaning President could take the torch from Obama and  run with it - and make illegal all that you hold dear.

Remember, "Stroke of the pen, law of the land, kinda cool" works both ways.

That is all.


Borepatch said...

I actually don't think that the Republicans are planning on repealing ObamaCare. Not only would they need 60 votes in the Senate to override Obama's veto, I actually don't think that they stand for any form of small government any more.

Ruzhyo said...

It's likely just the spiteful douchenozzle part of my nature blowing hot air, but should a gun ban by executive order come to pass, I'm really tempted not to care if future presidential nominees don't suck or suck with the power of a million Hoovers. I will spend the rest of my days door to door campaigning for whichever candidate promises to skewer leftist sacred cows via executive order.

Stretch said...

Current Democrat policies are base on the assumption the GOP will never hold the White House again.
The socialist maxim of "One Man, One Vote, One Time" used so effectively in Africa and much of South America is now in play here.
Expect more widespread voter fraud in all elections.

Ya, I had an extra helping of Grumpy Flakes for breakfast. How'd you know?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Look, Obama is now in the WORST possible position for the Republic to be in: A Second Term President who never has to pander to the Voters again. And since the chance of his being Impeached and thrown out of Office is as about as likely as Massachusetts's Repealing it's Gun Laws, we are screwed.

Hell, what does Obama care about the Senate or the House or the Democratic Party? Jay, he lost the HOUSE with Obamacare. Heck, the only thing that he might have to play Politics with is if (GOD FORBID) one of the Conservative Supreme Court Justices and/or Kennedy dies or retires during the next 4 years. And then, he'll just put up some "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" who knows the Communist Manifesto better than the U.S. Constitution.

Hell Jay, keep this in mind also: HOLDER'S NOT LEAVING! So even if Obama was caught on Live TeeWee eating a Baby's Liver, do you think Holder would Prosecute him?

Think of it this way: Obama's First Term was PRACTICE. Now the Game starts.

And God and Col.Colt help us all.

Anonymous said...

Borepatch, it takes 2/3 to over ride a veto. So it would take 67 in the Senate. Not going to happen. There are other things they could do but I doubt they would.

Sabra said...

Current Democrat policies are base on the assumption the GOP will never hold the White House again.

This. So much this. My Democrat friends firmly believe that Americans have finally Seen the Light and they now have ascendancy. I fear they may be right, at least in the next couple of decades. Liberal scare tactics work. Women were honestly, if stupidly, terrified of what a Romney presidency would mean for their reproductive organs.

"Imagine your worst enemy with the power" is a pretty smart way of thinking, but it's not a way of thinking that Democrats are capable of, from what I've seen. God is on their side, y'know.