Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That's What 9-1-1 Is For!

Isn't that the rejoinder to the anti's question of "Why do you need a gun?" Well, this story from Mopar begs to differ.

Delay In Hartford's 911 Dispatch Under Investigation
HARTFORD— The city's emergency dispatch center is investigating a delay in dispatching police to a burglary on Hubbard Road where four men stole at least $10,000 cash from a couple in their 80's.
Four men broke into the home of a pair of octogenarians posing as city workers. The pair called 911 - like we've been instructed to do time and time again - and waited:
A 911 call was placed around 5 p.m., but police were not dispatched to the home until 7 p.m.
Two. Freakin'. Hours. Boy, it's a good thing those four men only wanted to steal from that old couple, isn't it? It's a good thing they didn't feel like torching the house to destroy evidence that they were there. It's a good thing they didn't decide to beat the old man to see if he was hiding any more money around the house - or torture the old woman for the same reason.

Dial 911, that's what they tell us. You don't need a gun, that's what the police are for, that's what they tell us. People that use guns to defend themselves are vigilantes, that's what they tell us. Unless, of course, it's your kindly old grandma being beaten to an unrecognizable pulp because the local methhead heard she had a stash of diamonds somewhere in her house. But hey, what's a few old folks brutally beaten or killed in exhange for our gun-free utopia, right?

Like Mopar said in the conclusion of his e-mail: "when seconds count, the police were TWO HOURS away."

That is all.


Mopar said...

The irony here is while this was happening, in this very same city thousands of people were at a public hearing to testify before a legislative task force on gun violence as to why we need our guns for self defense. I personally was there for 17hrs, and I left at 1am, 2hrs before it ended. All but maybe 50 spoke out against more gun control.

Andie said...

TWO HOURS?? There is NO excuse I can think of on this one, but I am sure the nebulous 'someone' will find a spin somewhere.

Um, Jay, I hope these folks lived in a home, not a hole... ;)

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

It could be a hobbit hole.

Jay G said...

Fixed, thanks.

Wiseacres... ;)