Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teh STOOPID, It Burns!

Wally sent this to me. I think he's trying to kill my by introducing an aneurysm...

Make guns smart

(CNN) -- Voices across the political spectrum are debating how to prevent mass shootings such as the one in Newtown, Connecticut. Familiar ideological lines are being redrawn. Some want to renew the ban on assault weapons and expand waiting periods to buy a gun. Others want to place armed guards in schools. And then there is the challenge of preventing guns from falling into the hands of the mentally ill.
While the debate rages on, it's worth thinking out of the box for a moment. What if we could design guns to be smarter and safer -- with hardware and software? The right technology could neutralize the killing capability of an assault weapon, even in a madman's hands.
I'm sorry, Jeremy Shane, I missed where you were an expert in small arms manufacture. Talking to Wally, the idea that any electronic-based software would survive pretty much any rifle brought big guffaws of laughter. He advocates the same tired BS that has been mentioned time and again by people with absolutely NO knowledge of firearms: GPS positioning, "smart guns", etc. Hell, we've had purely analog scopes for hundreds of years and those require frequent recalibration.

And then, of course, there's the very simple matter that there are millions of guns already in existence. Do we simply take these away? Give gift cards? Good luck with that. Coming out with brand new "smart guns" - even if they functioned flawlessly for thousands of rounds - isn't going to change the fact that millions of "dumb" guns are already out there looking to do what you want.

Look, I applaud the concept. If you could hand me a Star Trek phaser that I could use to instantaneously stun a bad guy unconscious with no ill effects I would never carry a handgun again. The problem is, we DON'T have this technology, and pushing it as some sort of "fix" is disingenous at best, and pure evil at worst - I can easily see the availability of a "smart" gun as the impetus for a ban and confiscation.

Again, though, we ignore the real problem and come up with these farcical solutions. All of the recent shootings have been carried out by young men with mental health issues. The weapon used in the shootings is secondary; we need to get to the root of why all these young men decided that mass murder was the way to go. Even waving the magic wand and taking guns out completely, we had 87 people killed at the Happyland Nightclub in NYC in 1990. The tools change, the unstable people looking to harm others doesn't.

Smart guns do not exist, are not the solution, and anyone who proposes them is either a simpleton or a liar.

That is all.


Mopar said...

Just remember, even the star trek phasers still came with a "kill" setting as well.
Even in Gene Roddenberry's almost utopian future, "stun" wasn't always effective for the situation.

Dave H said...

It just occurred to me on the way home last night why hard core gun banners think banning guns or coming up with fantasy technology is the answer to violence. It's because they don't want to think about personally facing a violent situation. It's too scary.

How many people do you know who have given serious thought to what they'd do if they found out they or a loved one was going to die? Not many I'm sure. It's uncomfortable to think about, so most people don't. They assume they'll deal with it when the time comes, or that someone else will deal with it for them. It's the same with self defense. Knowing they can call 911 gives them an excuse to ignore the problem, just like knowing a banned or magical gun gives them an excuse to ignore the evil that walks among us.

For that to work, somebody needs to develop a personal deflector shield. Until then, the best response to force is force.

Ooh, how about Kevlar Snuggies?

Robb Allen said...

I disagree about the part about carrying a stun weapon.

Knowing the worst that will happen to you is that you get to take a quick, painless nap isn't a good deterrent. Having your molecules spread into the wind like dust is a better signifier of "I shouldn't mess with people".

I don't ever want to kill anyone if I can help it. But dammit, poking them full of holes that bleed profusely, are painful, and runs the risk of having your birth certificate revoked gives my potential attackers more to consider than a quick snooze.

If they cared about being caught, they wouldn't be doing the crime to begin with.

Mr. Metal said...

So long as it's one of these( I'd want a smart gun. Also, even the Aliens movie lore is smart enough to recognize this fact of smart guns "A small power cell, located on the underside and connected by electrical cables, powers the unit. When detached, the gun is useless."

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Shane is the exact reason why cars now have accident avoidance technology because he won't accept any other form of responsibility while driving someone else must do it for him.

In Idaho, the solution seems to be build a 579-bed maximum security medical facility at the prison to deal with the mentally ill.

PJS said...

People like Mr. Shane make some of us want to go live in a cabin in the woods.

fourfather said...

As a former truck driver we had a saying that anything 10 engineers could design, the combined intelligence of 10 thousand drivers could defeat. Same thing would happen with 'smart' guns.

Anonymous said...

Phazers huh? But wouldn't that defeat the "He needed killin'" defense?

Ed said...

I like my women smart, but my weapons dumb, like the paper weights they can truly be. My weapons systems, however, are as smart as the person wielding them. Unloaded, they do not load themselves. Once loaded, they do not discharge unless I make the decision to squeeze the trigger. They do not spontaneously discharge. The rounds go in the direction that I point them when I squeeze the trigger, as they do not decide for themselves. How smart are my weapons systems? Ted Kennedy's automobile has accidentally killed more people than my weapons systems have accidentally killed.

Pam said...

I agree some with David H, but what the gun grabbers (and all Liberals for that matter) are afraid of, is the fact that they have the capacity for evil. I think the only difference between them and us, is the layers of sanity and civilization that prevent the evil from roaring out.

Braden Lynch said...

Building on what Pam said...

Since liberals do not believe in God, they fear what that might do, so the restraint of the government is what they crave.

All solutions are for improving the flawed people or controlling them.

Incorrect basic assumptions about human nature leads us down the road to Nazism, communism, killing fields.

1911A1 said...

"Smart guns do not exist, are not the solution, and anyone who proposes them is either a simpleton or a liar."

Biden proposed the same thing yesterday. Apparently you were right on both counts.