Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Teach The Children ... Something.

Skidmark sends in this story that references a point I've made in the past:

SMALL:Schools push to ‘disarm the minds’ of our children
Maryland educators are launching an assault on normal childhood behavior. In Talbot County, Maryland, two boys aged 6 were recently suspended for pretending their fingers were guns while playing cops and robbers during recess. This comes just after another 6-year-old at a Montgomery County school was suspended for the same thing. These suspensions were later reversed, but why are they happening in the first place? They seem to be part of a larger effort to condition our kids to reject guns and the Second Amendment.

This is a point I've made repeatedly. While we (rightly) point to the successes we've had in the battle over concealed carry and self-defense, the larger war is in peril of being lost. Firearms are being entirely removed from popular culture, with - as the above article illustrates - even the slightest hint being stamped out ruthlessly. When I was growing up, Bugs Bunny was replete with Elmer Fudd's shotgun, Yosemite Sam's six guns, and even Marvin the Martin's ray gun - just try to find a firearm in modern cartoons.

Of course, this doesn't extend to "R" rated movies or anything - they still make their bread-and-butter on the violent shoot-em-ups. But don't you dare suggest to Hollywood that if they were really serious about doing something about gun violence, they should stop making violent movies. And heaven forbid you suggest the government pass a law forbidding violent movies. I know the NRA took a lot of knocks for talking about violent video games in their response to Sandy Hook, but I'd like to think their intent was a shot across the bow to Hollywood - because they are next.

But punishing young children for "cops and robbers" type games, for using "paper guns" or pointing their fingers is sending a crystal-clear message at the earliest age: guns are bad. Add in a strong push to make the age at which someone can go hunting older and older, and it's not hard to figure out that they're trying to create a generation completely ignorant about firearms. Whether it's a matter of winning the culture war - it's much easier to ban something that people don't know much about - or something more sinister - ignorance breeding more accidents - is a question for the individual.

This is where the gun community can make a difference, though. Bring a family to the range. Introduce a child to the joys of hitting a steel target. Let them know that guns are tools, nothing more, nothing less; make sure they're aware of the precautions that need to be taken; and then let them discover the joy that comes from hitting a target, from making a steel spinner go 'round, from blasting a tin can over and over. Guns are not toys; they are tools that can be dangerous if not used properly - just like a saw or a kitchen knife; but they can also be a lot of fun when used properly, safely, and with the right supervision.

Because, as the good folks who run Box 'o' Truth are so fond of saying, shootin' stuff is fun!

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...

Yup . . . like shooting AR500 steel with a Modern Sporting Rifle at 200 yards is a whole lot of fun. Or shooting steel at 100 yards with a rimfire rifle is a lot of fun. Like shooting paper targets of giant zombie rats at 50 yards is a lot of fun. I can't wait to shoot steel at 100 with a mosin nagant . . . I bet that's fun too. But I digress before I have too much fun.

- Brad

Lissa said...

I think we should outlaw high capacity fingers and assault thumbs.

Suz said...

Boys. Primarily boys. Criminalize and stamp out honest masculinity.

Eck! said...

Several things come to mind..

Teach your children well..

We don't need no thought control..

Yes, there is an agenda.


Andie said...

Anyone care to take odds on when squirt guns, bubble guns, Nerf guns are going to be removed from the market because of this trend?