Monday, January 21, 2013

Still Winning.

Just had a co-worker come to me asking what he needed to do to get his gun permit in MA. After a quick rundown of the checklist (i.e. not a felon, no restraining orders, no OUI conviction), I told him to contact his local police department and start the application process. I have friends who can provide the MA training needed (yoo hoo, Down Range Firearms Training!), and my recollection is that the town where he lives is pretty reasonable about permits.

Then, of course, he asks me what kind of pistol he should get...

Well, boy howdy, if that ain't a tough one. I recommended a few based on the general type he was looking for (i.e. not concealed carry, at least not right away, not a revolver), and mentioned that I had a few different types that I'd be more than happy to let him try out. We're going to wait a bit until the weather gets a little nicer, but I'll be taking him to the range to give him an idea of what's available in the MA market. Sure wish I could show him what's available to residents of America, but we are limited in what we can do.

Score another convert, even in the Volksrepublik.

That is all.


Andie said...

Yahoo! Being a transplant to ME from MA, I am happy to report I just submitted my app and will be doing some work w/Wally to determine what I want to carry (but mine will be concealed).

Thanks for the continuing education opportunities to (y)our brethren in MA, Jay!

Dave H said...

Another citizen stands up. Well done!

I can see why he doesn't want a revolver, not after the way you talk about the Snubbie from Hell. (Says the guy who wants a .44 magnum and a rifle to match.)

Anonymous said...

+1 on trying before buying.

I have take a sack full of pistols and revolvers to the range for new shooters to try. They sit through my madatory safety briefing before the pick up any firearm. We go over positives and negatives of each type and let them shoot them all once.

They then go back and shoot the favorites again.


Brad_in_MA said...'re an rso at your club.... why not get certified to teach the MA safety course? I know you have heard this before.

Old NFO said...

Well done Sir! :-)

dustydog said...

These days, the correct answer to "what gun I should get?" is "whatever gun is still in stock, or has the shortest waiting list."

Brigid said...

You set a good example Jay. Well done.

Glenn B said...

In the near future he may be able to get a good deal on used pistols from NY.

TOTWTYTR said...

Slowly, we're winning. My wife and my oldest friend's wife too the safety class a couple of weeks ago. My friend's wife has already filed her application.

My wife is just waiting for a reference letter which she should have tomorrow. She isn't sure she wants a gun, but she wants to be able to get one if she decides she does.

In addition three more friends, all women, are signing up for their class.

They are all voters as well.

Anonymous said...

Did you encourage him to join the NRA and the SAF as well?

$20 for the first year for a new member for the NRA.

IF only 1/2 of everyone who owned a standard capacity magazine would join we'd be close to 40 million members of the NRA! Lets see Congress or the President buck that trend!

Anonymous said...

PS...I have a good friend who is a top 20 in the nation 3 gun shooter.

He has a full time job, but he is constantly being asked by co-workers if this is a good buy, or that gun is worth the money. He has always dispensed advice for free and cheerfully.

But now...He asks, "Have you joined the NRA?" When they say yes, he continues on as before. If they say "No" he tells them to go join the NRA and consider the $20 they pay as cheap payment for the advice he will give them. He now refuses to give that advice until they join. He explains that our gun rights are at issue, and that America will no longer be the land of the free if we lose those rights. The NRA is the only organization with enough oompth to make legislators listen, and then he recommends they join the SAF to help in the courts.

We should all be out there pushing the NRA to everyone we know with an interest in firearms. We may not always like how they accomplish things, and we may no always like their actions, but we need them, and we need more members!