Friday, January 25, 2013

Sit Your Ground...

Fresh off the BLNN is this story I found particularly interesting...

Army veteran in wheelchair scares off burglar with gun
A U.S. army veteran who uses a wheelchair confronted a burglar with a pistol, scaring the intruder away from his home.
Mark Sikes of Bogart, Georgia, tells that he was watching TV when he heard a noise at his door and saw a man appear in his hallway.
For some, running away is not an option. It has nothing to do with being a tough guy, or a man's home being his castle, or anything like that. It has to do with physical limitations. "Stand your ground" laws simply bolster the concept that a person accosted by a criminal has no duty to run away - and in cases like this, the potential victim is incapable of doing that anyways.

But Diane Feinstein would rather that disabled veteran face an unknown assailant with his bare hands than a firearm. She would deny him the best means of self-defense, Samuel Colt's great Equalizer, all for some twisted definition of "safety" that involves the weak and timid being under the control of the strong and immoral. Those who cannot run away are left to the wolves; a twisted take on Darwin's survival of the fittest as those that do not abide by our laws run roughshod over those of us who do. Those strong enough and determined to fight back might be okay; the weak, though, are on their own.

It's the height of arrogance for politicians (or Hollywood types) to demand that guns be taken away from us as their security detail stands slightly off to the side. Exceptions are made for law enforcement and private security firms so that the rich and powerful people will continue to enjoy the best in protection; those of us that cannot afford 24 hour armed guards are on our own. Guess we'd better run for Senate, right?

Thank you for your service, Mr. Sikes, and I hope that you suffer no repercussions for protecting yourself.

That is all.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

True Story Time: A few years back, I ran across a young guy in a wheelchair missing both legs. Turns out he was an Iraq Vet whose Humvee ran over an IED. Being an Inner City School, I asked him what he was using to Defend himself. He pulled out a Can of Pepper Spray, and said "that's all I'm Allowed to have on Campus. I have a Pump Shotgun at my Apartment, but that's it." I asked him why he didn't have a Pistol. He said "I'm only 20, and I can't buy one, and my Parents live out of State, so they can't give me one. Besides, No Guns on Campus, remember?" So we talked awhile, then I headed off to Class.

Heard someone gave him a Loaner, which he returned after his 21st. Birthday, and he bought himself a J-Frame.

Bad Law is Bad Law.