Friday, January 18, 2013

SHOW Show Update, Day Two

Some random pictures from my second day at SHOT Show. As I mentioned yesterday, I'll have more pictures next week once I've had some time to go through everything and get things squared away.

This is a new front sight for AR-15 pattern rifles - it's a set of crosshairs rather than the simple post. I've seen this idea before, so I know it's not new, but it was still pretty neat. Plus it was attached to an AR in an awesome set-up (yes, there will be more on this later).

Bulgarian AK pistol with milled receiver and safety on the grip. This is a new import from K-VAR, and a rifle version is also available (but not with the pistol grip-mounted safety).

Rascal single-shot bolt action rifles from Savage. AccuTrigger, lightweight, and a wide variety of colors. And it comes in a left-handed variant as well!

And, lastly, something that was a huge hit at SHOT and also in my requests:

SIG SAUER MPX. This is SIG's new subgun entry into the LEO/Military market. There will be pistol-only semi-automatic versions available down the road, they assure me, and the magazines are new and proprietary, made by Lancer Systems.

I'm heading home today, and I hope to have more up next week!

That is all.

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Old NFO said...

Damn, that Sig looks HEAVY with all the crap hanging off it...

og said...

Good to meet you. Wish wed had more time.

Scott_S said...

Jay - did you see the one with the 9in "muzzle break"? Dead sexy when you get your stamp :)

Jay G said...

Old NFO,

Given that it's going up against carbines and MP5s, it's about the same size and weight.


A true pleasure, and I won't let the intenet know how nice you clean up... :)


I'll have a more in-depth review of the new SIG offerings (as well as Ruger and a couple others) next week. Suffice to say, I got plenty of pictures... ;)