Thursday, January 17, 2013

SHOT Show Update, Day One

Hoo, boy. There is a LOT to get through; I've got hundreds of pictures that I'll run through once I'm back at home base. For right now, though, I'll just post a handful of shots at random:

The many colors of Cerakote. It's the rainbow Leatherman coalition.

Mark II Arms has a 3D-printed slide. It's at the developmental stage right now, not quite ready for use, but it was very interesting to see. The slides in the background are machined slides, and they're about half the weight of the standard slide.

I don't even know what brought this picture about; I happened to be walking by when they were setting up this shot and jumped in to grab this picture. Yes, that's real wood furniture on that AR - so it's an evil wood rifle, right?

And lastly, I'll be updating the blog with a new picture. This one:

Happiness is a rotating drum grenade launcher. Nothing says "stay off my lawn" or "What are your intentions towards my daughter" like six rounds of high explosives.

It's been a great show so far; looking forward to one more day tomorrow!

That is all.

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Dave H said...

No disrespect, but for an evil wood rifle I'll stick to my M1 Garand.

I like the photo of you with the grenade revolver. Your smile says it all.

Brad_in_MA said...


How does one load 7 rounds into a garand in NYS? I've seen the standard 8-round clip modified to accept 5 or 2 rounds, depending upon orientation, but now there's a new challenge.

BTW . . . I kinda like the case-hardened & wood look of the AR. And yes, lastly, the Cheshire-cat grin on Jay's face speaks volumes.

- Brad

Dave H said...

Brad: I haven't figured out how to load 7 rounds in the Garand yet, and the legislature hasn't provided any guidance. At the range it's not a problem because we're still allowed to load up to full capacity.

I don't keep loaded Garand clips around, but if I do after the restrictions take effect I'll probably find some kind of foam rod to use as a dummy 8th round to keep the rest in place. Then I can pull it out just before I seat the clip in the magazine.

Andie said...

Thumbs UP on the new photo, Jay... :)

Jay G said...


Why not just put in a snap cap?

Thanks Andie & Brad - I like the new pic! :)

Johnnyreb™ said...

I believe that is the Turnbull AR 10. Ya know, the one that is currently bringing 50K+ on Gunbroker.

Dave H said...

Jay: I thought about that but I think something soft would be easier to remove once the clip was part way in. Plus a snap cap is more likely to be mistaken for a live cartridge by a nervous Nellie.

AuricTech said...

Yes, that's real wood furniture on that AR - so it's an evil wood rifle, right?


Isn't it good, No Evil Wood?


Geodkyt said...

I thought a Garand clip would still hold tight enough to load with 7 rounds in it. . .

ZerCool said...

JohnnyReb is right, that's the Turnbull SHOT AR-10.

One of one.

And now illegal in NY.

Heath J said...

Looks like the good ol' M32.

Fun fun :D