Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SHOT Show Media Day At The Range AAR

I figured while it was still fresh in my mind I'd get down a few
impressions of Media Day at the Range 2013. First off, while rumors
abounded that we got the two-tier system because it was so hectic last
year, I didn't think last year's event was as hectic as this year's. The
bus arrived late to the Sands to bring us to the range, exhibitors were
packing up as we got off the bus, and many of the range booths were
closing more than an hour before the event ended (we got there at 1:30
as the first group and they were packed up by 3-3:30).

But even then, a hurried day at the range beats an unhurried day not on the range. And when you can shoot ammunition you didn't have to buy out of guns that you don't have to clean, that's always a good thing... We still got to walk around gawking at the latest shiny pretties, the newest innovations, and lots of other cool stuff, too. Here are just a few of the neat items that caught my eye while walking up and down the range:

IWI - the folks that brought us the Galil and the Uzi - were present with some recent offerings. This one caught my eye, of course, because they attached the bayonet...

Armalite - the "A" in "AR" - have a new magazine-fed bolt-action rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum. Let me tell you something. This round sounds like the wrath of G-d Himself...

Chiappa Rhino concealed carry model. The configuration really does help with the recoil - even though all they had left when we got there was plain jane .38 Special, comparing the felt-recoil out of the Chiappa to either of my lightweight Smiths or the Ruger LCR, the Chiappa had a definite edge in the recoil department. Being able to hit a man-sized silhouette at 10 yards with all six shots rapid fire doesn't hurt either.

And, lastly:

Yes, I fired a .50 AE Deagle. No, I wasn't horrifically impressed.

Overall impression? Still a good time. I went mainly because this is the best chance that we have to really *handle* the firearms - at the show they'll have tags and wires and such and also the firing pins are removed. It's a much better way to get a feel for how something handles over just seeing it in a display.

And, not inconsequentially, shootin' stuff is fun.

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...


Thanks for talking to Ruger on my behalf. A long-barrel Mark-III is a great gun for indoor target work. If I ever go that route, one of the Rugers would be high on my purchase list, as would be the 7" barrel version of the smith 22a. But I digress.

Couple questions . . . .
1) You get a chance to shoot the new SR45 from Ruger? I'd be curious to hear impressions.

2) The new Armalite .338 Lapua magnum. The round was designed specifically to bridge the gap between standard .308 and .50BMG offerings. I believe it has longer legs than some of the .300 magnums currently in use, and it is rarely used for targets inside of 500 meters because it is too powerful. Wrath of The Almighty indeed.

- Brad

Pakkinpoppa said...

"Your gun says 'replica' on the side, and mine says Desert Eagle point five oh."

I'd like to shoot one sometime just to say I have...I've shot a .500 Smith before, and I didn't pay for ammo.

Secret Code: 4410 edthsor

A Klingon laser weapon maybe?

Brad_in_MA said...


There's a fellow in central Mass with a smith .500 who also handloads. I had the chance to touch off one of his so called "nuclear" loads. Even with a heavy gun like the 500, recoil was significant. I'd say it was heavy and hard, but not sharp. Kinda like a 1911 on steroids as opposed to Jay's snubbie from hell with full house magnum loads.

- Brad

Mr. Kermit said...

Speaking of the Snubbie from Hell...

Jay, you got a .454 Alaskan yet?

.... ::snicker::

Sorry, had to say that. Full disclosure - I have one "on the way" as soon as my local Fun Shop can get hold of it.