Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Runnin' Up The Count...

Pediem sends in the hump day addition:

Home invasion suspect dies of gunshot wound
FAIRBORN — One man was killed and another shot in the leg when they, along with three others, allegedly participated in a home invasion Monday evening where the residents fought back.

Police said Tuesday that it is still a bit unclear what prompted the five individuals, ages 19 to 23, to force their way into the Victoria Avenue home while brandishing a fake plastic gun.
Five guys broke into an apartment. Five. In New York, that means you have to be really careful you don't miss more than twice. When the gun-grabbers ask why anyone would need a 30-round magazine, well, here you go right here. Five assailants. They don't line up one at a time, either.

That's why you "need" a 30 round magazine, right there. 

Dead Goblin Count: 361

That is all.

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Armed Texan said...

But Cuomo knows how it really works because we once saw Indiana Jones shoot three of four Nazis with one bullet.