Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quick Notes From The SHOT Floor...

Well, I'm almost done with day one of walking the floor at SHOT Show. As it was last year, the floor is absolutely packed with folks from all over the world. The mood is obviously subdued given the recent push for gun control - the uncertainty is the thing, more than any of the proposals.

Rumors of Mainstream Media so far are unfounded; if there are any non-2A media present I have not seen evidence thereof. I think they'd be disappointed in what's here at SHOT - it's mostly business owners and marketing guys. There simply aren't any stereotypical knuckledraggers like they'd be hoping for...

I've mainly seen gear so far; I'm going to jump back into the fray shortly. I have managed to answer one reader's request: Brad_in_MA asked about the Ruger Mark III being MA Compliant; the nice folks at Ruger confirmed that there will be both Target and Hunter models available. No word yet on the standard model, but there will be some Mark IIIs available for sale in MA.

In talking with folks, specifically from New York, there is a dual sense of both disbelief but also betrayal. I talked to one woman who realized that the ruling made her a felon - she had guns back home in New York with magazines loaded with more than seven rounds. The general consensus was that New York just pulled the figure out of their nether regions, but now it's the law of the land.

It's been an interesting day in an interesting time and an interesting place.

That is all.

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Dave H said...

I think there new NY law doesn't take effect for a while (a year?) so I don't think that lady is going up the river just yet. But the mood here is pretty somber too. I know one FFL who's shutting up his shop rather than comply with the crazies.

Earlier today I got a marketing email from Ruger about the LC380. If you happen to pass the Ruger booth again, can you ask them what's the difference between that and the LCP?

Brad_in_MA said...


I've got a business idea for NY give the recent events. Call me when you return to MA.

- Brad

Old NFO said...

Yep, interesting times, but I REALLY don't want them...

Michael W. said...

Just remember, that was considered a curse to the chinese. "May you live in interesting times"

Dave H said...

Follow up to the NY magazine gag:
1) The new magazine restrictions (7 round limit) go into effect 60 days from Jan 15th.
2) 10 round magazines already owned before then are legal to continue to own, but may only be loaded with 7 or fewer rounds,
3) Except at a dedicated range or event sanctioned by a firearm training, education, or competitive organization (NRA is named specifically, but not exclusively) where the mag may be loaded with 10 rounds.
4) Posession of a mag loaded with more than 7 rounds in one's home is a violation ($200 fine first offense). Anywhere else it's a misdemeanor on the first offense and a felony on subsequent offenses.

I'm still not clear on the status of older preban magazines.