Monday, January 21, 2013

Practice Makes Passable

So, I went to my gun club's indoor range last night. The Mrs. brought the kids to her sister's house for a Patriot's party, and I declined the invite as I'm heading back into work tomorrow for the first time in a week - I'd rather not get home at 11:00 PM, thanks.

I decided to head over to the club with the Ruger 22/45 Lite I've had for T&E, and at the last moment decided to bring along another Ruger, the LCR that I've been carrying a lot lately. The indoor range is lead-ammunition only owing to the simple design of the backstop (steel plate angled at 45ยบ with a sand bed to catch deflected rounds), so in the winter time I find myself shooting mainly .22LR. This time I grabbed a .38 Special revolver and a box of lead wadcutters to give myself a brief refresher on one of my fall-back carry guns.

It took a couple cylinders to warm myself up to the DAO revolver, but once I stopped thinking about it and started shooting, it all came back just fine:

The first cylinder went into the center; the second and third were aimed at the neck area. I put two cylinders through the top section because the first cylinder grouped so well I had to double-check (and hence the two rounds outside the 7-ring...). All shots are well in the black; all were fired rapid-fire and at 25 feet, starting at low-ready. It's amazing how the muscle memory works - once I kicked over from "target shooting" mode from the 22/45 and into "defensive shooting" mode, it was second nature.

I call it "passable" because that's all I was looking for - I wanted to make sure I could still shoot the short-barreled revolver with sufficient proficiency as to maintain it as a viable defensive arm. Being able to keep all shots center-of-mass at a fair distance is exactly what I wanted to do, and it's gratifying to find I can still do it. Granted, the Crimson Trace Lasergrips don't hurt keeping things on target, and I cannot recommend them strongly enough for a defensive handgun.

It's not often that "good enough" actually is, but in this case I'm quite pleased with the end result.

That is all.


PoppaJ said...

What is your opinion of the DA trigger on the LCR? I've found mine to be rather enjoyable.

Jay G said...

I've found it to be decidedly not-terrible... I mean, I don't expect - nor want - a light light trigger on a carry revolver with no safety, so I expect something on the heavy side. It is heavy, but the trigger pull itself is very even. Once you get used to the long pull, it's not hard to shoot at all.