Saturday, January 12, 2013

Paging Robb Allen...

I know it's NYFC, but this seemed like it was right up your alley...

No pants subway ride
NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) - People wearing little more than their underwear are expected to ride the NYC subway system on Sunday.

In an attempt to bring some laughter to commuters' lives, the comedy troupe Improv Everywhere/ We Cause Scenes has organized No Pants Subway Ride 2013.

The problem with this idea is the same one that plagues nude beaches - the people that participate are very rarely the people you wish to actually see naked...

That is all.

Thanks to libertyman for the tip!


Ancient Woodsman said...

"The problem with this idea is the same one that plagues politics - the people that participate are very rarely the people you wish to actually see voting..."

There. Fixed it for you.

Anonymous said...

They actually put on some pretty funny public skits. Have a look at their webpage and look at a couple. One is their Star Wars skit on the subway, and the other is the Kentucky Derby-like calling of the carousel races. In both, the crowd reaction is pretty cool.

st Paul

TOTWTYTR said...

New EMTs always get excited when they are sent to their first "naked lady running down the street" call.

Until they arrive and see what the lady actually looks like.

In my entire career, I had one naked lady that was actually good looking.

That's if you discount that she was covered in dog feces and had slit her own throat open. Oh, did I mention that she was coming off a three day Crack Cocaine binge?

Other than that, she was gorgeous.

zdogk9 said...
this covers it.

Ed said...

I can tell you of a drunken, middle aged woman with a blood alcohol level that would kill a less "experienced" drunk running through the halls of a hospital Emergency Room screaming at high volume, wearing only the remnants of rope and rope burn around her neck, vegetable oil head to toe, and soil from rolling in the dirt trying to escape after a double date plastic sheet and vegetable oil orgy transformed into a double attempted murder where one of the couples tried to strangle the other. Oh, and I knew the woman and the woman's daughter. Awkward.
You can picture the scene as trying to catch a squealing, greased pig, literally, not figuratively.

the band-aid bandit said...

As if i need another reason not to go to NYC today.

No Big Gulp.
No trans fat
Now no clothes. That's it, I'm staying home.

Robert said...

No-pants-subway-riding made me think immediately of The Hitch Hiker's Guide: "bring a towel". Lessee, I always carry a: gun; BUG; big knife; little knife; pen; hankie; spare key. Now I gotta carry a towel and/or alcohol wipes for the subway? I'll have to start carrying a man purse...

P.S.: Jay, word verification sucks sucks sucks. Not your fault, I know.