Monday, January 7, 2013

One Week Hence...

...I'll be looking at the start of the NSSF's 2013 SHOT Show. It officially starts Tuesday morning, but Monday will be Media Day at the Range, where they invite members of the print, video, and online media to come and play with coonfinger investigate the newest and hottest items the manufacturers have to offer. I attended last year's Media Day, and it's a great time to really get a feel for firearms and gear as they are intended to be used - and its' a darn good way to get pictures and video without all those pesty tags in the way...

I'm not going to make predictions like Caleb, but I am curious about what folks would like checked out. For products, I'm especially interested in the brand spankin' new Ruger SR45 - I've had a chance to try out the SR9 compact, and it is an eminently workable little pistol that is severely underrrated IMHO. The SR45 - assuming it is built with the same quality as the SR9 - should be a solid choice for a full-sized DA 45 ACP. Ruger has also been very good about making their handguns MA compliant, so I need to chat about that... And if they come out with a SR45 compact...

Also, I'm quite curious to see what folks "in the biz" think about the coming legislation and how it might impact the future of the gunnie world. Caleb posits that he doesn't think there will be much innovation this year as manufacturers gear up for just churning out enough current product to meet demand; there's a lot of truth to that. Coming right on the heels of Obama's re-election and the increased activity, it wouldn't surprise me to see mostly small cosmetic updates and upgrades rather than sweeping changes.

However, I'm certain that prior to December 14th there were a good deal of new ideas being bandied about, and it would be quite interesting to hear what projects were shelved for the time being. There's also the ancillary market - optics, holsters, clothing, targets, safes, etc. - which should be only marginally affected by pending legislation. The self-defense market is still growing by leaps and bounds, folks are getting more training, and folks are still shooting both recreationally and competitively.

So, what would folks like to hear about at this year's SHOT Show?

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...

I agree that Ruger's SR45 does look interesting indeed. When you do get the ear of the good folk at Ruger, please ask them:
1) Why is the Mark-III rimfire pistol series no longer MA-compliant?
2) What are their plans / when do they expect #1 to be resolved?


Dave H said...

One request: Can you see if you can keep people away from that bloody Gatling gun? It's been almost impossible to get .45-70 brass because whoever has that gun keeps buying it up.

Farmee said...

Another request: When you see the S&W guys (although for all I know about MA, they are your neighbors), would you please let them know if they would begin making the 940 again, I will personally buy enough of them to cover overhead?

Don't tell them I'm lying.