Sunday, January 13, 2013

On My Way...

Well, I'm sitting here at Logan Airport with a large coffee, a 300 calorie egg and cheese sandwich, and free wi-fi.

I love this modern age of science and witchcraft in which we live...

Got another 45 minutes before the plane boards; another hour and 15 before we leave. Looks to be on schedule, so I should be in Nashville before dinner time and in Vegas by evening. Managed to get X-rayed *AND* probulated coming through this time; I chalk it up to there being no line whatsoever at the security station. Idle hands, etc.

I'm looking forward to SHOT Show, obviously; but it's a little disconcerting about the dedicated effort being put forth by the media and leftist (redundant, I know). Sitting at the gate, CNN was on and the talking head was interviewing some lunatic claiming, among other things, that the NRA made a profit on every assault rifle sold (he used the term "Round up", which I know MidwayUSA does, but they do not sell Assault weapons, and it is completely voluntary. Other than that, he got it right). Naturally, there was no challenge from the interviewer nor rebuttal allowed.

We're in for a fight, folks. This may be the biggest hit to gun rights since 1968. They're lying openly and brazenly and the best we can counter with is Wayne LaPierre calling for NRA-sponsored training and Alex Jones frothing at the mouth. YES, they are going to pick and choose. YES, they are going to extend the microphone *only* to the most unhinged wookie suiters in an attempt to paint us all as deranged madmen.

I've heard that the mainstream media is going to be present at SHOT. Some are calling for a complete and utter shunning of all MSM - do not speak to them, do not give any interviews, just ignore them. Personally, I'm not certain that this is the best course of action. SHOT is, first and foremost, a trade show just like any other industry; folks are there to secure contracts, make contacts, and sell sell sell. The best and brightest will be present; why not make the most of it?

If nothing else, this should be a most interesting and enlightening week...

That is all.

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Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"The best and brightest will be present; why not make the most of it?"

Two words: Zimmerman Edit.

That's all the reason I need to never, ever speak one word beyond "No comment" to the MSM.

TrueBlueSam said...

I have spoken to news people on timber issues a few times because I had to; I won't do it again. If they can't get you in the interview, they get you with edits and their own comments after the interview. Have a great time in Vegas, and be looking for Derek (The Packing Rat) and Molly Smith (at the S & W booth). They are a couple of GBR regulars that will be at SHOT.

Borepatch said...

The answer is not to shun the Media, but to have a friend video you talking to them. Remember, you are Breitbart.

Also, refuse to accept the way that they frame their questions. No, we're as horrified by the school shooting as they are, but we oppose doing something futile and stupid in response. Challenge them on how an AWB would improve things after Connecticut already had one (stupid and futile).

Suggest "Common Sense" gun control measures, like a CCW permit being good enough to satisfy the background check requirement. When they demur, push back on why - after all, there was a background check to grant the CCW, and the Po Po will come and collect any license that gets revoked.

Keep to simple logic that is impossible to refute. Don't ramble. Say it short and sweet, and emphasize it again in a follow up.

Make sure there's someone recording this, because they'll flounder and walk away and never use their footage. But you'll have some, and can post it to Youtube.

It should be easy to show them for what they are - ignorant and biased. You'll totally pwn them.

Stretch said...

Vast stretches of desert...

Old NFO said...

And it's NOT a fair fight! Have fun out there!!!

JD Rush said...

The NRA just got a roundup through me via Midway. For AR parts. And a stabby thing. Just covering all my bases.

And I skimmed the first sentence as a large coffee, a 300 carbine...

Glenn B said...

Have a nice time. Keep your blood pressure in check by not doing interviews with the Mud Slinging Media; if only because it is sure to rise once you hear how they have takn you out of context with clever editing.

Silly question maybe but is it truethat you are forbidden to carry firearms inside Shot Show. Such is what I havce heard and it only seems to be counterproductive when we or actually, when the industry does not trust our own to be armed.

Wish I was there too; maybe next year.

All the best,
Glenn B

lee n. field said...

Gonna wear your kilt at SHOT?

Daniel in Brookline said...

Have fun, Jay!

I have a feeling you'll be tempted to talk to the media if they approach you. I agree with Borepatch -- have another camera going if you can, even if it's "excuse me, Mr. Smith & Wesson salesman, I see a media puke approaching. Could you please video me on my iPhone, just in case he tries to perpetrate an interview? Many thanks." (If you can snag a Flip or equivalent no-brainer video recorder, and carry it in case you need to hand it to someone, even better!)

And you might want to think up some punchy soundbites. "AWB? Why should I support something that was tried and didn't work?" "Until we determine that law-abiding gun owners are the problem, let's leave them alone." And so forth; you'd do a better job with that than me.

Anyway, enjoy the shooty and stabby things. I greatly look forward to your impressions afterwards!

be safe,

Glenn B said...

Are you there yet?

Wow, had to go through CAPTCHA about 7 - 8 times before I could read it, hope I got it right.

Andie said...

I third (Daniel in Brookline got the second) the commentary that Borepatch made here. Avoidance gives them all the more power to say anything, especially that "He must be hiding something."

Hope you enjoy and I look forward to your updates!