Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No Sir, I Don't Like It. Don't Like It One Bit...

So far, 2013 has failed to impress. We're staring down the barrel of some of the most sweeping anti-gun legislation since 1934 - and yes, while it is unlikely to pass as currently proposed, there's no guarantee that a watered-down version won't pass that significantly restricts what we can lawfully own. I expect any bill passed to be based on emotion rather than facts of logic; I expect, once again, for law-abiding gun owners to be vilified; for "need" to take center place rather than logic; and for "THE CHILDREN" to be the overwhelming rallying cry for the antis.

Not only that, but we're also looking into a fiscal abyss, with neither party serious about doing a damned thing to stop our slide into ruin. They're more interested in claiming victory than coming up with solutions; in scoring cheap political points over doing anything that will slow - never mind stop - our free-fall into anarchy and financial chaos. The news is abuzz of Obama "winning" this battle - that he got the Republicans to break their promise on taxes - yet no one seems to care that taxes are being increased and some 800K defense jobs may be eliminated.

Yeah, it's better to "win" than to actually provide a solution, to these people. Rather than actually *do* something, we're more concerned over "winning". Obama got the "rich" to take a soaking - "rich" being anyone making over $400K a year, which will include many small businesses. I find it supremely ironic that many of the same people that rail against WalMart for helping to put "mom and pop" establishments out of business will cheer this tax increase, especially since it will do exactly the same thing. Businesses don't pay taxes, they collect them, which means prices for the small business owner will have to go up to cover these increases.

But hey, Obama won!  Take THAT Republicans!

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that spammer was quick

The Packetman said...

This is just my opinion, Jay ... but I think that when Feinstein and McCarthy's bills come up in their respective chambers, we as gunnies need to call for an immediate up-or-down vote. We either have the votes to defeat this shit or we don't.

It's way past time we knew who our friends are.