Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Gunnie Resolutions...

Since January 1st is the traditional day of making resolutions, I thought I'd make a few gunnie resolutions for 2013.
  • More new shooters. I don't believe I brought a single new shooter to the range in all of 2012. This is just terrible. I had a few folks contact me, and we made arrangements and such but things didn't pan out. This year, though, I'm going to crank it up a notch and make more of an effort to get more new and returning folks on the firing line. 
  • Get my hunting license. Yeah, I'd love to say "bag my first deer" instead, but I think that just getting the license will be a great first step. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time now, and after varmint hunting in Colorado last year, I'd like to step it up to the next level and hunt something that I will eventually consume. 
  • Get my MA LTC renewed. This one worries me the most. Now, I live in a damn good town, and the local licensing authority is a good, honest man who's a friend to liberty, so I'm not as concerned as I might be in another town. I still need to go through the process, though; and I'm hearing that the state-level issues can and have lead to significant waits for renewals. 
  • Go shooting more. My gun club took a significant hit last year. We had a round leave the rifle range and hit a neighboring house, so we're under some pretty tough scrutiny for club practices. They have closed the rifle range until the spring when significant changes will be made, and the pistol range now requires a Range Safety Officer, so hours are limited. However, the indoor range is still open, so I need to make better use of that and my extensive .22LR collection. 
  • Attend more blogshoots. The problem with this one is that it requires both time and money, two items in short supply. I'm hoping to hit at least something in the mid-Atlantic region in addition to the Northeast Bloggershoot, and hope/expect to head back to Colorado in the fall. 
  • Do more for 2A rights. I will continue to highlight especially stupid gun laws, anti-gun idiocy, and MA-centric dumbassery. I will try to stay on top of the new legislation coming down the pike. I will contact my representatives, despite my feeling that it's p**sing into the wind. I will also strive to act as an ambassador for the pro-2A side in all ways possible.

So, what are your gunnie New Year's resolutions?

That is all.


libertyman said...

All good resolutions. Do you still have to pass the Hunter Safety Course in Massachusetts to get a license? Some states will allow you to show a license from another state as a qualification (maybe NH?). So save your Colorado license.

Let's set a goal of getting a number of new shooters to the range.

As to the range issue, our club sports baffles after a similar incident years ago. It will take money,but there should be no lack of member candidates, our club has a waiting list now.

See you soon!

bogie said...

When we renewed our MA LTC last year, we sent in the paperwork and money in early January (our licenses expired in April) and didn't get our appointment until June. I called and asked what the reason was, and they put us on a list for "cacellations". We did get in in late April, but still waited until dang near July for the licenses.

All that so I can carry if I go hunting or shooting in the great state of MA, which is never. Maybe this year I'll get an unlimited - but not holding my breath.

Dave H said...

The only resolution I ever kept was to quit making resolutions. So far I'm doing great. But I do have a couple of goals as a gun owner:

1) Get more politically active, starting with writing to my elected representatives. I live in New York so I expect about as much cooperation as you do. But I figure it's like the lottery: the odds of winning are terrible, but if you don't play the odds are even worse.

2) Start working toward becoming a firearm / safety / security trainer. With rights come responsibilities, and if we expect to keep our rights we need to hold ourselves and each other responsible.

BGMiller said...

Along with taking more new shooters to the range and using the club more why not take the RSO course and help keep the pistol range open longer?

Just a thought.


Mopar said...

Let me expand on BGM. How about finally becoming a certified instructor? This way you can bring a new shooter all the way into the fold. As an added bonus, getting your RSO certification is little more then a formality at that point, since most of the RSO material is covered in the instructor course.

Anonymous said...

Getting out to the range, period. And seeing if the eye doc can come up with something so I can shoot long guns better. My current prescription causes havoc when I try and line up rifle sights. I'm safe, but I'm tired of the deer raising glasses in my honor.


Suz said...

I only have one: to illustrate the commonalities between gunnies and men's rights activists.

Expat said...

Congrats on taking that first step towards your hunting license! Up here in Alaska, I share a couple more of your resolutions: cultivate more new shooters, go shooting more (I'm also adding getting back into reloading), and do more for 2A rights (be seen, be heard, and stand firm). :( Alas, while Alaska provides plenty, it doesn't provide much opportunity for attending blogshoots...

To the other folks commenting here regarding becoming an RSO and/or certified instructor: go for it! :) It's been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.

Scott_S said...

NRA handgun instructors license

Uspsa A or M card

Shoot 10,000 rounds this year

Bring in more new shooters using silencers and race guns as bait

zeeke42 said...

You should add shooting an action pistol match of some kind to the list. Steel Challenge is the perfect place to get your feet wet because the rules are simple and it's family friendly because 22LR is allowed.