Friday, January 4, 2013

My Favorite Caliber Addition...

Reader Dave sends in today's addition, which has a special meaning for me, as it's my favorite caliber.

Authorities: Shingletown shooting a classic case of self-defense
Authorities are treating the New Year's Day fatal shooting of a Shingletown man by his neighbor as a "classic self-defense case."

Shasta County Detective Logan Stonehouse on Wednesday said a chain of events led Lynn Hamilton, 56, to fire his handgun at Lee Roy Thibault, 42.

See, they're making a funny, because the recently deceased had threatened the shooter with a chainsaw. This has special meaning for me, as one of my own personal DGUs involved a chainsaw. We were camping and the guys next to us came over to "help" cut some firewood; after a while one of the two became belligerent and made threatening motions with the chainsaw. I went into my tent, took my S&W Model 36 out of the shoulder rig and put it in a leather belt holster, and walked back out of the tent. The 36 never cleared leather, I never referenced it, but once it was seen, the chainsaw was shut off and the guys left.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have no desire to find out what kind of damage an assault chainsaw could inflict. There's mention in the story about recent stress between the two gentlemen, and considering that the guy who got shot had threatened to cut off the shooter's head earlier, I can't blame the shooter for, you know, taking his threat seriously and acting accordingly.

When the man with a chainsaw meets a man with a gun, the man with a chainsaw is a dead man...

Dead Goblin Count: 357

That is all.


.45ACP+P said...

Did you see what your DGC number was?!?!?!?!?! Woot!

Ed said...

In the Kipling novel made into a movie, "The man Who Would Be King", as two former British soldiers journey upstream, they repeatedly encounter villagers upset with those who live upstream from them, because they pee into the river. Likewise, each group of villagers has a disagreement with those downstream from them, so they also pee in the river.

You may have discouraged the man threatening you with the chainsaw, but he was then free to go off and threaten someone else with his favorite tool. This is a good short term solution for you, but a bad long term solution for the local population, especially those who do not possess effective tools for dealing with the problem.

Gunnutmegger said...

Your gun was not on your person?

Do you think the situation would have developed differently if you had been visibly armed from the beginning?

Sendarius said...

My only encounter with a chainsaw was years ago, when I was cutting some wind-fall into firewood.

The saw was old, and the spark plug lead left the connector exposed.

When I stood up, and rested the saw on my thigh as I stretched, the exposed connector - umm - connected - with a delicate part of my anatomy.

Fifty thousand volts at 3000 pulses per minute. The only way it could have hurt more is if I had sat on the spinning blade.

If I had been carrying a gun, that chainsaw would have been history.