Friday, January 4, 2013

Make (Take) It In Massachusetts

Brad_in_MA reminded me of this story from our lovely state:

Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua hit with a $5,475 tax lien
Just days after announcing his reelection bid, Mayor William Lantigua of Lawrence has been hit with a $5,475 tax lien for allegedly failing to pay state income tax in 2011.
The state Revenue Department filed the lien against Lantigua last week, the embattled mayor’s latest misstep in a three-year tenure dogged by controversy. The agency took the step after Lantigua did not respond to several notices over at least six months, a spokeswoman said.
I want to know what Lantigua *really* did. For the state to go after a minority mayor of a largish city with a large immigrant population, he must have some serious skeletons in his closet. He's already had senior aides indicted for wrongdoing; is accused of having MA State police cars transferred to a dealership he has ties to; and pressured a local waste management firm to "donate" a garbage truck to a town in the Dominican Republic that supported his re-election campaign.

For the state DoR to actually hit him with a lien, that's serious. He pissed somebody off, and the only person with the pull I can think of is Cadillac Deval himself. Anyone else that took the significant step of having a lien attached - the next step is for the DoR to start garnishing Lantigua's wages - must be pretty high up to be able to overcome the resistance to investigate the mayor of a large city.

Either that or maybe Willie didn't donate enough to Cadillac's going-away party...

That is all.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Don't see why he just doesn't pay it. It's just taking Tax Payers money from one account and putting it into another.

It's not like he actually EARNED his Pay in the Private Sector.....