Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keep Your Pants On (Not Applicable to Robb Allen)

So, before SHOT Show, I got an e-mail from Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks:
Need bloggers to do a review of a handmade gunbelt!

Yup...holsters is something that lots of folk have, and my rigs tend to be hard to do a good review on, because I love to upscale them and make them eye-candy. Tough for folk in CC-only states...

So, I need testers / reviewers to write their thoughts, (good or bad...I don't send swag for *good* reviews, I send swag for *honest* reviews...) and post reviews.

Ideally, 4 to 6 weeks after you get them, write about them. Sooner if you feel like it is fine. I mean really...its a belt, its built like a brick shithouse, and to be honest its probably a bit overbuilt. Upside is that it'll probably be the last belt you get new for about the next 20 years or so, unless you tend to grow horizontally instead of vertically. ;-)

All my gunbelts are 1.5" wide, double-layered veg tanned leather, with a stitched-in nylon core to keep the belt stiff, prevent stretching, and most importantly, prevent sagging when you've got that 4 pound extended-slide STI in 10MM hanging off your belt. Or that Vaquero. Or any other of the big-bore bludgeons. (You can see my sales page on my website for pictures/particulars.)

This is for belt gotta supply your own buckles.
Well, look what showed up yesterday:

Boy, howdy, that's a great looking belt. I put a buckle on it (off an old, busted 5.11 belt, actually) and wore it around the house last night, and while it's thick and tough, it wears very well from what I can see. It's also heavy - I'm fairly certain it will make a good melee weapon if needed - and I expect it to last quite a few years.

Here it is next to the 5.11 belt that donated the buckle:

Yeah, there's just a little difference in thickness there, eh?

I'll put up a formal review in a few weeks, after I've had a chance to wear it for a bit and use it to carry a handful of different sized pistols. I'm guessing, based on the thickness and toughness, that it'll stand up to whatever I want to hang off it up to and including a pistol grip shotgun. Everything I've gotten from Dennis has been ridiculously tough and overbuilt, and this certainly seems like no exception.

Full report to come!

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, when your belt can double as a back-up defensive weapon for when you run out of ammo, that's a good thing.

Robert said...

I'd love to buy one. Is not made in china. Is good.

bogie said...

Maybe he'll offer something for the womenfolk? I have the hardest time finding fitted belts that look nice and aren't in as size L or XL!

Andie said...

+1 to bogie... bought a belt last year and need to find some way to punch a lot more holes in it!

Dragon said...

Bogie and Andie...

Drop an e-mail to Breda (her blog is ) or Nicki over at The Liberty Zone ( )

Both of these ladies received a belt to review. Both, from initial impressions in their e-mails letting me know they got them, were VERY positive.

If you go to my site and click on the gunbelt page, you'll see that I make each belt by hand, to order. YOU give me the length of the belt, and I build it to your specification. If you need help determining what size belt is correct, just give me a call (my phone number is on the website) and I'll happily talk you through the process...all you need is a dressmakers / tailors measuring tape. :-)

Warmest Regards,