Monday, January 28, 2013

It's For The Children.

Ban pizza parlors.

Police: Man stabbed at Leominster Chuck E Cheese
LEOMINSTER, Mass. —Police say an argument led to a stabbing at a Chuck E Cheese in Leominster, sending one man to the hospital and landing another man in jail.
Police tell The Telegram & Gazette officers responded to the children's pizza parlor and arcade at about 3:15 p.m. Sunday.
A man was stabbed severely enough to send him to the hospital. In the middle of the afternoon. At a place that caters to children under 10. Let that sink in. Then tell me we have a "gun problem". Or a "knife problem" for that matter. Dude just stabbed another dude for whatever reason - and then stayed in the damn restaurant. There were witnesses. There was video footage. Yet this guy thought so little of his actions - actions that sent a man to the hospital - that he didn't even leave the building.

Think about THAT for a moment. This guy is so unafraid of police and our "justice" system that he doesn't care about getting arrested for attempted murder. He knows it will get pled down to simple assault or less; that he won't serve any meaningful time; and that his "street cred" will go up for being such a tough guy. He stabbed some dude in the arm, more than likely in full view of a room full of kids there for birthday parties and winter exercise. How many kids will leave that Chuck E. Cheese scared to go back? He'll get at best a slap on the wrist.

And yet the governor of Massachusetts has submitted a bill to the state legislature that would force me to get rid of thousands of dollars of legally acquired and legally owned bits of metal and plastic or become a felon. At the same time, gear I already own could make me a felon if I mistakenly load one round too many into a magazine, a legally owned, legally acquired magazine, but with a POOHA* requirement of seven rounds rather than the full allotment of 10 rounds.

This is what passes for "common sense" in Massachusetts. Stab someone, you're so unafraid of consequences you don't even leave the building. Own a piece of metal? Be afraid that you might become a felon if an ill-conceived law were to pass. Scumbags, criminals, and goblins are entirely unafraid of the legal system, while honest, law-abiding folks worry about becoming felons.

Why, it's almost like this is what they want to happen...

That is all.

*Pulled Out Of His @$$


Brad_in_MA said...


That's ok . . . MA has already banned reporting those with serious mental health issues to the federal background check system. Since 1999, MA has sent ONE record to the feds while at the same time recording 1.6 million background checks. Source is today's Boston Globe.

- Brad

Old NFO said...

Heel, just band Chuck'e'cheese... Lots of problems seem to happen there (and not just in MA)...

Ancient Woodsman said...

The POOHA (love that erm) seven-round limit is proof positive that if the previous AWB never expired, the gun gabbers would have been going for more restrictions eventually. They will never stop.

And they can't ever seem to figure out why we get so pissed off at their combination of arrogance & stupidity.

danno said...

Yes... Even the MSN acknowledges Chuck E Cheese' are dangerous. Save the kids, ban them!

Ed said...

Seven rounds is the original capacity of a M1911 and M1911A1 magazine, before expanded magazines were available with, horrors, eight rounds. The eight round clip of a semi-automatic M1 Garand is one too many for those who think that they make the rules. The bolt action Springfield M1903 will kill with a well aimed shot just as efficiently, but holding five rounds, is morally superior.

These people want to reset the clock 100 years for you. If they could put you back to the Stone Age, they would.