Friday, January 18, 2013

Homeward Bound...

Sitting in the Las Vegas airport, waiting for the first plane to arrive so I can start the voyage home. This is the longest I've ever been away from the family (they came with me to Vegas last year), and I'm long overdue for seeing everyone and being with my family. Even if it *is* in Massachusetts...

SHOT Show was busy - very busy - it's an honest to goodness trade show, with CFOs and marketing gurus in full force for doing business. For a guy traveling on his own, looking for something cool to write about, it can be somewhat daunting; while the attitude towards the online community continues to evolve in a positive manner, there are still many folks who are there to broker sales and make deals, and have little-to-no time for independent authors.

There were also several instances reported where representatives either wanted to dictate the message (Springfield Armory) or tell the reviewer what to say (Smith & Wesson). Some of this was hypersensitivity to the recent events in CT and the hostility of the mainstream media (S&W's beef was to not use the terms "assault weapon" or "high capacity", etc.). While I understand the need to keep coverage on the positive side, the way it was relayed to me was that the S&W reps were, well, very insistent...

There's talk that it may move for next year, as the Sands Convention Center will be undergoing renovation. There's rumors that it might be going back to Orlando, which personally I would enjoy immensely (although I suspect the Mrs. might want to come to that...). Obviously this is merely at rumor stage and nothing more, but I'd prefer the streets of Orlando to the Las Vegas strip - but then again, I don't gamble, drink in public, or solicit prostitutes, so Vegas holds little appeal for me (good lord I sound old, don't I?)

In any case, I'll certainly be planning on attending next year. SHOT Show is good for talking to industry folks whereas the NRA Annual Meeting is better for talking to other writers, IMHO. I've been to three NRA conventions and two SHOT Shows now, and there are definitely more manufacturers and representatives at SHOT, and FAR more bloggers, YouTubers, and other writers at the NRA. I find it worthwhile to attend both, at least for now - because it really is all about the connections.

I expect to have a fair amount of content in the coming weeks from SHOT, including a couple exclusives that I have promised to wait before unveiling. I made better use of video this year - not that I'll be challenging Destinee, mind you, but certainly broadening the scope of MArooned SHOT reporting. There were a few instances where a video report of a few minutes says a lot more than a handful of pictures, and I have to admit, I have some pretty cool footage.

Right now, though, I'm looking forward to getting on the plane and heading home - my own, comfy bed is waiting for me tonight...

That is all.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Safe Flight Home, Bro! Then take the weekend to relax, unwind, enjoy Family Life, etc.

Then next week, study the New York Gun Ban, see how much of it Mumbles will Decree for Mass ( I'm guessing all of that hasn't already been done to you guys), and look for Long-Term Storage in NH.

Better to have stuff in storage than be declared an "Enemy of the State" and face Confiscation.

Just ask Zercool.

Freiheit said...

I'm not a fan of the Orlando convention center myself.

I'd like to see SHOT show held in a completely free state, that totally supports the firearms industry, and allows carry in the convention center.

KY, TN, UT, TX would be at the top of my list.

Old NFO said...

Travel safe!

Dave H said...

I hope your trip home is quiet and short, Jay. I've always had the most trouble with jet lag when going east.

Take the weekend, relax and reconnect. The fight will still be here on Monday.

Attending a show in Orlando would be tempting. My daughter lives about an hour and a half from there. But boy, the way they gouge visitors. I was at the Convention Center about ten years ago and it was (I think) $10 to park for Florida residents and $25 for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Happy flying Jay.