Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n #302

Today's gun pr0n is about as different from the rest of the shiny new gunnie goodness that I've posted all week as you can get. It's sent in by fellow MA inmate Adam, and it's certainly one-of-a-kind:

I'll let Adam tell you about it:
I got this gun in a two-fer deal, it came along with a Clerke First .32 (another Saturday Night Special that is truly a piece of junk.) Neither one of us wanted that Clerke, but I really wanted this odd-ball gun, the seller knew it -so I got stuck taking the Clerke as part of the deal.
The Internet provided anecdotal info on the gun from a Mexican website which roughly translated = “This ‘beauty’ is a revolver named ”Cabeza de Aguila” -a more manual type of revolver in that in addition to cocking the hammer you have to rotate the cylinder with your free hand (not recommended for target practice or for personal defense). What is sticking out in the bottom of the handgrip is the "automatic extractor", a metal pin which you insert in each discharged chamber. These were sold in the 1960’s and were priced to be an alternative, affordable revolver” Some images off the Internet had the words “Imprezas Argentinas” (Argentianian Industries) and that’s how I know the country of origin.
In terms of specs, there aren’t any. (surprise!) It’s a 22LR, and I can tell you that with the exception of the barrel, cylinder, firing pin, and ejector rod, it’s constructed from Zamak. After loading the cylinder, you pull the knob back to cock the gun, pull the trigger and it goes bang. Then you rotate the cylinder to the next round and there’s a ball plunger that helps to position the cylinder so you don’t blow your hand off. (yikes) Once you’ve fired all the rounds, the steel ejector rod is used to push out the spent casings. . It’s incredibly simple and crude but it works quite well. Yeah, I’ve fired it, very carefully. Here’s another pic of it cocked and with the ejector rod.

Now, if that's not the oddest looking gun I've featured, I don't know what is - thanks Adam!
That is all.


Anonymous said...

That's the prototype of the one handgun people will be allowed to own if Obama ever gets his "common sense" gun laws passed.

Note: the picture shown in the high-capacity military/LEO version. A civilian version capable of holding only two rounds is in the works.

Mopar said...


Phil L. said...

For those - like me - who don't know what Zamak is, here you go:

Zamak is a family of alloys with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminium, magnesium, and copper.

Wiki makes it sound like Zamak is basically one step up from pot metal.

Old NFO said...

Never seen one, don't want one... :-)

Dave H said...

Looks like something my neighbor would build in his garage shop.

Ed said...

One step above pot metal, and one step above being a zip gun.

KCjoel said...

It looks like what would happen if Hi-Point made a revolver.

Kevin Hebden said...

It looks only slightly less elegant than an RG-14. I actually find this revolver quite interesting. It goes a long way to remind us how fortunate that we have such nice firearms available to us these days.

Anonymous said...

Phil L: it'd be more correct to say that Zamak is a trademarked trade name for one company's formulation of potmetal.