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Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n #300...

Since we've been talking about .22LR rifles, I figured gun pr0n #300 would be a smorgasbord of different .22LR rifles I've had over the years... I'm going to present just the pictures, and we'll see who can guess the highest number of models...

How many can you identify?

That is all.


Ancient Woodsman said...

Pretty sure they are: Marlin stainless 60, Remington Nylon 66, Remington 510, Remington 572, Savage 64 or simlar store-branded version of same (J.C. Higgins?), Winchester 1906, Marlin 39A, Ruger 10/22 DSP, same in Butler Creek stock w/different scope, and a take-down 10/22.


Tam said...

"How many can you identify?"

All but the bolt gun without embiggening the pics. :)

Crotalus said...

#6 looks like a Winchester '61. My Grandpa had one, and now it's mine.

Mr. Kermit said...

The bolt-action .22 is a Remington 511. Not only has Jay referenced it multiple times, but it's near-identical to the one sitting in my own safe.

By the way, Jay, you already identified most of the rifles in the file names.

Anonymous said...

That last one's got me stumped. If only it had some distinctive markings of some sort.

- The Senator

Brad_in_MA said...


I recall video recording the "odd" nature of the semi-auto action on pic #5. Was oddly slow or had an equally odd albiet brief delay. Let's not even discuss me clearing the caked on / baked on lead from the bore of #6. That was painful.

- Brad

Benjamin said...

Tam cheated.

She used Tam.