Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fixed-Blade Extravaganza!

Friend and former blogger Roadkill sends in today's stabby goodness:

Now that is a nice lookin' collection!

Here's the rundown from Roadkill:
From left to right, then top to bottom, then left to right again. Ontario SP-43, Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow, Bad Blood Spartan, Kabar/Becker BK-17, Benchmade 151 Fixed Griptilian, Kershaw Fixed Skyline, Cold Steel Mini-tac Tanto, Meyerco Wharning, Boker Trench Knife, Kershaw Boot Knife

I've got a larger fixed blade collection, but Roadkill kicks the s**t out of me in quality. I've got a couple of nice Ka-Bars, and the rest are $15 specials picked up here and there. Roadkill obviously believes in quality over quantity, and as I get older (and theoretically wiser) I agree with him more and more.

That collection is awesome,  Roadkill, and thanks for sharing!

That is all.


Michael W. said...

With enough time and effort, I think we can beat this "quality" thing. As long as we stay pre 1898

Jay G said...

Dr. Mike, my birthday present transcends "knife" and is more "work of art in knife form"... :)