Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fifth Annual Northeast Blogger Winter Dinner AAR

Wow. I think with the exception of 2010, when we were joined by some of the good folks at SIG Academy, this was the biggest Winter blogmeet to date.

One of many group shots; this one had the least showing of folks what don't like their picture shown:

So, who was there, you ask? Well, here's the best list of attendees I could cobble together. If I missed anyone, I humbly apologize - there were a lot of folks to keep track of!

Mopar & Cher
Andrew, the Mrs. and Jr.
Heath and Amanda
Yankeefried & Mrs. Yankeefried
SCI-FI and Mrs. SCI-FI
JD & Mrs. JD
Phil R. (from the UK!)
HerrBeGone and "Mum"
Armed Texan and Mrs. Armed Texan
TJIC and Jenny
and our super secret rockstar guest, my #1 blogdaughter! (Note: #1 *and* #2 blogdaughters together! Chaos!)

Over two dozen people, all tolled. We had so many folks that we had to spread out into the booth section of the upstairs at KC's Ribshack, which again had some wonderful yummy food:

Yeah, Ambulance Driver and Alan were gigging me on Facebook for putting sauce on my pulled pork. As I told AD: "I put hot sauce on everything. Heck, sometimes I put hot sauce on my hot sauce"...

And my #1 blogdaughter suggested the perfect place for my hat:


I don't know about anyone else, but I had a blast. 

Thanks to everyone that came out!

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Remember, What Happens at KC's, STAYS at KC's!

HerrBGone said...

It was a good time! (Even if there wasn't room at the big table for everyone...) The food at KC's is always good and when surrounded with friends it's even better! And getting to meet bolg-friends for the first time in person was the icing on the cake!

libertyman said...

Many thanks, Jay for your usual organizational success!
We should get a function room for our group, and have a schmoozefest as well as fine food. So many people and so little time to talk with everyone!

Chad said...

I'll add my thanks to the pile, Jay, for the work in putting it together.

TOTWTYTR said...

It was a terrifical time. It was great to meet, well, everyone and to see friends again.

I agree with Libertyman, we need a venue where we can mingle after we eat.

Still, it was a great, great, time.

Mopar said...

Great time! And to think I was thiiiiisss close to bailing because somehow I pulled my back out and can barely get in and out of the Dodge EarthF*cker. The thought of a 200 mile drive each way that way.......
Well, the Dodge has great seats, with adustable support in all the right places, and the driving was actually not bad. The only real trouble I had was while we were standing around waiting for our table. 5 more minutes I probably would have been in tears. Oh well, it was a great time, even though it *was* the shortest dinner ever. Previous years I haven't made it back to the hotel until 11-12 o'clock. Guess now we have to wait until summer to get together again. Bummer.

Old NFO said...

Thanks for the call, and sorry I missed it! Maybe next year!

Nancy R. said...

It was lovely meeting so many new people, even if I've had less than 14 hours of sleep since Thursday. Special thanks to my Blogfather for putting this together and ferrying me around.

Armed Texan said...

Many thanks. We had a great time, especially since we're new to this neck of the woods.

Chasing Freedom said...

Heath & I had a lovely time. Thank you for putting the evening together.

DaddyBear said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. I need to make it up there one of these days.

TJIC said...

Great get together; thanks for arranging it.

I was halfway back to MA when I yelled out "Jay's hat!", but Jennifer told me that you'd remembered it.

See you at this summer's shoot!

Christina LMT said...

It was fantastic, as always! Thanks, Jay. :)

Kevin said...

I'm glad to see Phil R. could make it!