Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Elections Have Consequences...

Back in November, the people of Massachusetts sent a clear message to Massachusetts politicians: Do it again, only harder. They overwhelmingly elected Fauxcahontas over RINO Scott Brown; they elected a guy who didn't know his wife was laundering money for her brother in the Caribbean out of their home over an openly gay representative; they elected a Kennedy re-tread over someone who was genuinely suited for the job. And what did our politicians take home from that message?

Hefty raises handed out on
 Beacon Hill amid budget cuts
Scores of plugged-in House and Senate staffers reaped lavish raises upward of 10 percent late last year, led by members of the speaker’s and Senate president’s inner circle, a Herald payroll review found. 
The hefty bump comes as the state budget is being cut and talk of tax hikes — including a possible gas tax or added fees and tolls — begins to swirl on Beacon Hill.
Raises of 10% or higher bringing dozens of Beacon Hill hacks to six-figure incomes for part time jobs. That's what you get when you keep re-electing the same bozos over and over again. It's hard to get worked up about this, because the people of Massachusetts are getting EXACTLY what they deserved: Screwed, good and hard.

We're in a time of tight budgets, high unemployment, and across the board freezes in pay across the Commonwealth, and our legislative "betters" are throwing our tax dollars around like it's Christmas and Santa has the elves on overtime. The poor performance of the economy means nothing to them - they will reward their faithful lackeys regardless of whether or not we have the money for it.

Hey, Cadillac Deval, if they keep tossing out cash like this we're going to need a 10% sales tax.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is it's nationwide and either side set a poor example and then wonder why corporate America and the Banks do likewise, or perhaps it's the other way around.

Armed Texan said...

And you haven't even mentioned the stench in Lawrence which everyone in MA is paying for because the city is in receivership to the state.

Christopher Meyer said...

Oh what lovely big government you have over there in MA. Please keep it there.

Fortunately in Nebraska we view election to our State Senate and City Councils more vocation than career opportunity, and we pay them accordingly - very low. This forces them to continue to operate in the real world and feel the effects of their policies. We also only have a Unicameral government.

Maybe MA will get smart(er) like NE someday...maybe...

Stretch said...

Further proof, as if any were needed, that Mass. sucks.