Sunday, January 20, 2013

Don't Call Us Chicken

But we'll take a free combo! Reader Kevin sends in this interesting story out of Arkansas:

Hot Springs restaurant gives free food to gun rights supporters
HOT SPRINGS (KATV) - After weeks of talks surrounding gun laws, the owners of Chicken Express in Hot Springs thought of a unique way to have customers show their support for the Second Amendment while getting a little something in return.

"I was surprised to see it in the paper," said J.R. Cockrell, a new customer to the restaurant. "But I thought it was a fantastic idea," he said.

Now, in case you were thinking this was just free small fry or some other poultry offering, have no doubts. The yoke's on you if you think the restaurant was playing fowl - this is the real deal. They are offering a full dinner, gratis, with the showing of one's concealed carry license - no word on whether or not you have to show them any shells.

Puns aside, it's great to see this kind of support from a local business. In this politically charged atmosphere, support for anything even vaguely controversial has brought much bad publicity - which can break a small business. Even large chains like Chik-Fil-A have seen blowback from taking politically incorrect stances - although the less-vocal majority certainly made sure the impact was minimized.

It certainly is good to see a business that doesn't bok at the thought of law-abiding gun owners.

That is all.


ZerCool said...

I hope the folks taking advantage of that offer are leaving some MASSIVE tips.

Old NFO said...

I'm sure they will, and I've actually been there, GOOD chicken!

Phssthpok said...

You know you're winning when businesses are showing 'customer appreciation' for GUNS RIGHTS proponents.

It's like a BUY-cot in reverse!

(What do the anti-rights cultists have to compare?)

Andie said...

Now that's a great deal, and +1 to Zercool's comment about leaving a big tip!