Thursday, January 31, 2013

Common Sense Bow Control!

[shakes head]

New Jersey man allegedly shot another with hunting bow after fistfight
A New Jersey man reportedly faces murder charges after he allegedly shot another man with a hunting bow in an apparent dispute over a woman.

Camden County authorities told the Philadelphia Daily News that the arrow pierced Kereti Paulsen's stomach and perforated the iliac vein in his pelvis late Monday. The 25-year-old man was pronounced dead at Virtua Hospital in Berlin shortly after.

See? Gun control works! If that guy had gotten his hands on a firearm, someone could have been killed!

This is what those of us who value freedom have been saying all along. It's not the gun that's the issue here. The gun is just a tool, nothing more. The issue is why people feel free to misuse tools to cause death and suffering, not what tools they use.

Watch this:

It's video shot from the testimony of Henson Ong in Connecticut. Mr. Ong makes more sense, uses more facts and logic, in the five minutes of this video than the entire anti-gun side has made since the Newtown tragedy. He touches upon how guns have been far more available in the past, how government agencies recommend AR-15s, and how firearms can and have been used by civilians throughout our history.

It's not the gun. It has never been the gun. It is the person who willfully chooses to misuse the gun - the tool - that is the issue. Unless and until we focus on the person behind the tool - and the reason or reasons they feel justified in misusing the tool - we will continue to see these horrific acts. As Mr. Ong rightly points out, 45 years ago you could purchase a rifle in Sears and Roebuck - and yet there were no mass shootings then.

Of course, that's all assuming you buy their rhetoric that it's about safety at all, and not control...

That is all.

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Mopar said...

I was there when Henson Ong spoke. He was great! After his testimony even the antigun women (and several progun men) wanted to have his baby. If anyone is interested, I posted a few more speakers here. By the way, mine isnt there, and I think it sucks, but those who know me in RL can probably find it on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Every time something really bad happens, people cry out for safety, and the government answers by taking rights away from good people. Penn Jillette

A government big enough to give you what you want is strong enough to take everything you have. Thomas Jefferson.

People need to wake up, to wake others up. To know that they are free. To think for themselves. To protect their rights and to resist tyranny.

Obviously, Mr. Ong understands this, but it has been said that people who live here don't appreciate what they have until it has been taken away.Again this is something that Mr. Ong understands.