Tuesday, January 8, 2013

An Intriguing Concept

Gun Appreciation Day

Okay, so what is it?
The national "Gun Appreciation Day," which is being launched by a coalition of conservative and gun rights groups, will take place the day before California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein is expected to introduce legislation for an assault weapon ban, and two days before President Barack Obama is inaugurated for his second term.
What do we do?
The group is asking supporters to turn out in droves at gun stores, gun counters, gun shows, and gun ranges to protest what they see as government overreach in the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings.

Basically go to anywhere you're likely to find a supporter of the Second Amendment and make sure they know what's at stake with this bill. This is easily the largest gun control bill since 1968, and quite possibly 1934 - we need to make sure that as many gun owners as possible understand exactly what is at stake here should these people get their way.

So, please, on January 19th, please go forward and spread the word!

That is all.


Alan said...

Go to gun stores and do what? Look at the empty shelves?

Jay G said...

Heh, point Alan.

Personally, I think it'd be better to go to the big box stores and talk to folks instead. WalMart, Dick's Sporting Goods, Cabelas. You're more likely to run into fence-sitters (you know, the GunOwnerButs) there than at the gun store IMHO.

Cormac said...

On that same day, there's a gun "buyback" happening in Dallas!!


Bring cash!!!

Glenn B said...

Gun owners would be much better marching on Wahington, DC to spport our rights and to protest any proposed anti-gun legislation. It is about time we use the tactics of the other side and about time we get off of our collective lazy asses, stop using the 'I have a job' excuse not to get out there, and really stand up for our right to keep and bear arms. We should be doing it in huge numbers too.

SpeakerTweaker said...

I'm all about any opportunity to resist the .gov, particularly where boomsticks are concerned. But - and I may be splitting hairs here - couldn't they have found a better face to put on their ads than a president who actually signed gun control legislation?

Angus McThag said...

Oh the irony of using Reagan's image in their ad...

The guy who signed the law containing the Hughes amendment...

Geodkyt said...


Given how ATF was handling gunowners (especially C&R licensees), and how risky it was to move from Pro-gun State A to Pro-gun State B via Anti-gun State C, it was felt that the 1986 FOPA was essential.

The ATF abuses alone were considered enough to get FOPA passed at almost any cost. THOUSANDS of peaceable gunowners each year were victimized and abused by ATF every single year, facing felony convictions and lifetime bans on gun and voting rights, because they had a C&R license and ATF was holding them to commercial FFL standards (including inspections.)

Tracking ammunition sales, just like gun sales.

FFLs hounded by as many unscheduled, unannounced, uinwarranted, top-to-bottom compliance inspections as an ATF field agent wanted. They could literally run full compliance inspections on consecutive days in teh same business, effectively shutting it down, merely on a whim.

Sacrificing new civilian production of a tiny segment of guns (especially given the low numbers and the already in place ban on importation) was considered the lesser of two evils to allowing ATF to legally operate like the NKVD.

I say this as a guy who curses the Huges Amendment almost daily.

Ed said...

It has already been Gun Appreciation Month, Gun Appreciation Quarter, or Gun Appreciation Year, depending on your choice of start date for the uptick in sales. The shelves in the stores are pretty much bare. If anything is still there, the merchants must be muttering about completely misreading what the customers really want. Reminds me of the bread, milk and essential staples sections (like toilet paper) of the stores before a big storm hits.

Revoke all the gun control laws and the freaky economics will not be in play anymore.

It never matters what you have, it always matters what you do with it.

AuricTech said...

Of course, that's also the second anniversary of you and Borepatch both posting about TJIC's human rights being violated. Since I can't currently reach the GAD Web site (apparently due to the volume of traffic it's receiving), I don't know whether they made this connection.

Expat said...

Glenn B,

Amen! And, couldn't agree more.

Some buddies and I are planning to show-up at one of our local retailers. Will take whatever opportunities we can. But, we need to do so much more to be seen and heard. Just saw over at Shall Not Be Questioned that the Antis are trying to organize a march on Washington for gun control.

Why are we ceding them this ground time & again?

Michael W. said...

Brothers and Sisters,

It is as Ben Franklin once said, we MUST hang together or they will hang us seperately. They are looking for BLOOD this time, and if we are not very, very careful they may just get it.

Anonymous said...

I don't fault him so much for signing FOPA with the Hughes Amendment as I do for his arm twisting on the original assault weapons ban. It passed the House by two votes, and at least two congressmen said his advocacy in favor of it was instrumental in causing them to change their minds on the AWB. One got a handwritten note right before the vote, and the other got a personal phone call.