Monday, December 24, 2012

Tinfoil for Christmas!

So, I received an e-mail from a source that wishes to remain anonymous, and I can't say I blame my source.This person is someone I consider trustworthy and hardly fit to bouts of tinfoilism. It seems that this source received an e-mail from the powers that be informing that as of today, the NICS system will be down for an indeterminate period of time.

Okay, now, I get it. We've seen record gun sales in the past week, and I'm certain that they're still playing catch-up. With the holidays approaching - and this being a government entity - the only people left staffing the place are the newbies, so clearing out a huge backlog at year's end isn't high on the priority list.

But damn, if that isn't not letting a crisis go to waste, eh?

What better way to put a major crimp in the gun buying community than to "take down" the NICS check for a bit? Now, according to the FBI fact sheet on the NICS check:
If the FFL has not received from the NICS a final determination after three business days have elapsed since the delay response, it is within the FFL’s discretion whether or not to transfer the firearm (if state law permits the transfer).

Now, read that carefully. It is within the FFL's discretion to proceed or not. With tinfoil firmly in place, how many audits do you think it would take of FFL holders that allowed sales to proceed despite NICS being down before the vast majority decided it was in their best business interest to wait? It's a stretch, I know, but this wouldn't be the first time this administration instituted a hair-brained scheme to hurt the law abiding gun owners of America.

For the record, I don't think this is any nefarious plot - right now. I think right now it's an overtaxed system at a bad time of the year and nothing more sinister. However, what I do know is that the current administration is not above using every means possible to push its anti-gun agenda, and if that means putting a little pressure on FFLs to wait when the system is down, it's entirely plausible. The system may come back up immediately and result in little-to-no delays  - or it might take a good week to clear up the backlog.

I think it's worth watching, for now, and taking notes for the future...

That is all.


Johnnyreb™ said...

Local gun shop says they have been on and off with them today, but are currently on hold waiting for an operator ...

Tam said...

"It is within the FFL's discretion to proceed or not. With tinfoil firmly in place, how many audits do you think it would take..."

Zero. I wouldn't risk the liability of letting the gun out the door. Me selling a gun personally? That's one thing; working a store counter? You're risking the livelihood of everybody who works there.

Now, here's my tinfoil: The NICS system has been crushed repeated ly by buying surges and needs revamping and upgrading. What better time to take it off line for a few days to do said emergency work than Christmas Eve to a day or two after Christmas Day?

Since most small sole-proprietor FFLs keep "catering to the unemployed" business hours, half the gun shops in America will only be open Wed-through-Fri this week anyway. When else can you take NICS offline for a whole week and only lose three business days?

Ygolonac said...

As noted at Tam's blog on Saturday, when I was in redeeming a couple pawned guns there was about a 45-60 minute hold time for NICS. As well, the store owner ended up transitioning from the landline to his secondary (cell) to call for more.

I actually got out about 15 minutes after closing, and there were something like 10 people still awaiting verification.

Yeah, I can see the servers smoking badly, if not outright catching fire...

Johnnyreb™ said...

I agree with Tams "wouldn't risk the liability", since that's what struck me when reading that.

A different dealer just told me that the online system is working at this time.

Chris said...

I dont know about your local shops but many of the ones local to me will NOT transfer a gun to someone if the NICS check does not come back with a cleared.

bogie said...

This is part of my reason not to shop for that SIG P238 Rainbow until after Christmas (but I did put WS on notice that I am getting one soon)!

TOTWTYTR said...

I blame the post Newtown buying frenzy for this.

Wearing the tin foil beanie does nothing but feed into every anti gunners stereotype of what we're like.

Besides, the system was apparently back on line within an hour or so according to one gun store owner who posted on line.

The NICS system, like many computer systems, was built to carry average demand, not off the charts demand.

Look at what happens to many blogs when they get an Instalanche from Instapundit or another high volume blog.

Phssthpok said...

Two Points:

1: "..after three business days have elapsed since the delay response". If the NICS is SHUT DOWN then they can't even get a 'delay' response, no?

2: 'A right delayed is a right denied'