Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sneak Peak...

There's a chance that, over the coming weekend, I will be seeing Wally for a bit of long distance rifle goodness. There's also a chance that I might be bringing home my long-awaited target/varminting AR-15 build that has been a while in the making. The last time I got together with Wally, he brought my AR-15 with him for a preview:

It's a quick snapshot, hastily taken with my iPhone camera. It does not even come close to doing this gorgeous rifle justice. I've posted a parts list here; I had a chance to try out the trigger on this rifle, and the only way to describe it is *sweet*. I cannot wait to put a few rounds through her to see just how well she shoots.

The other reason for getting together is to send the MG Arms K-Yote back upon completion of testing. I have yet to write up my experience hunting prairie dogs with the K-Yote, and hope to get to that within the next few weeks. It was the impending T&E of the K-Yote that spurred my interest in having a specialized AR-15 put together, and now it looks like she might just be coming home with me.

Yeah, I'm just a little excited about this...

That is all.

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