Monday, December 3, 2012

Slow News Day...

Wow. There is, apparently, nothing going on in the world today. News outlets are split behind the murder-suicide of the NFL player and his girlfriend and talking about the "cliff". Sex and violence sells, so that's no surprise; however when you have to resort to talking about the budget, there ain't much going on. I did see this, though:

Will President Obama push us over the cliff?
(CNN) -- Forgive me, but haven't we seen this movie before in the aftermath of national elections? Usually, it doesn't end well.
In the weeks since his victory, President Barack Obama has argued -- correctly -- that voters are demanding that high-income Americans pay higher taxes as a way to reduce deficits. Some 60% in exit polls endorsed that proposition, and a Pew/Washington Post poll released this week found that 60% still support it. The president, then, has good reason to push the idea.
Starts off like every other CNN or MSM article, right? President Obama, with his resounding electoral victory, has a sweeping mandate to tax those evil rich people and give out more free stuff. It takes a funny turn, though, especially for CNN - it actually talks about the lengths to which the GOP-led Congress has compromised with Obama, and how unreasonable Obama is being about what to accept in order to prevent "going over the cliff".

Now, time will tell what will happen, of course. Smart money's on the GOP folding like a cheap table in a hurricane and giving in. They remember all too well the lessons learned in 1994 and 1995, where the FedGov shutdown was placed squarely at their feet; they certainly don't want to hand over the headline "GOP Pushes US Over Cliff". If they do cave, it's a certainty that when - not if - these measures fail to change anything (except to push more businesses out of business or out of the US), the GOP will still be blamed.

Shorter: SSDD, expect the Stupid Party to be stupid.

That is all.

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Gay_Cynic said...

We are going over the cliff anyway, between Obamacare and other really bad choices.

Might as well bite the bullet and take the plunge now, since the GOP will be blamed for all mishap in any case.