Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shouldn't This Be A Message?

Colorado gun background check wait time tops 100 hours after Newtown shooting
DENVER – A spike in requests for background checks on firearms buyers in Colorado has overwhelmed the system that businesses use to track how long the checks will take.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation's online wait-time clock for background checks tops out at 99 hours and 59 minutes. The Denver Post reports the wait is now more than 100 hours, leaving potential buyers to guess on exact wait times.

Add this to the recent news about the NICS check being overwhelmed, and one thing becomes glaringly obvious: Any talks about "gun control" are being taken very seriously by those of us that value our freedom, and we are voting with our pocketbooks and wallets.Try to pass legislation that will only affect the good, law-abiding people - like magazine restrictions or cosmetic bans - and we will vote at the ballot box in 2014.

You do have to wonder about just how tone-deaf this administration is. Here we are, in the middle of a recession that shows no sign of improvement, and they want to kill off the only segment of business that's shown any signs of life. Millions of law-abiding gun owners are legally purchasing firearms, and the only solution they have for school shootings - a statistically insignificant (albeit heart-rending) portion of crimes committed with firearms - is to reinstate a failed ban on cosmetic features on firearms? This is the best they can do?

It amazes me that they are allowed to get away with pushing this same old tired agenda, it really does. The measures that have been floated so far - even the outlandish ones like a complete ban and confiscation - are not going to even vaguely address the real problem, yet these politicians are unchallenged. I don't expect the media to point out that 3 X 10 round magazines are functionally identical to 1 X 30 round, but I would like to see someone ask why a politician is proposing another "Assault Weapons Ban" when: a) We can't even define what makes a firearm an "Assault Weapon" and b) the rifle used in the Newtown shooting was a ban-compliant rifle.

Then again, as a wise man has said, gun control is what you do instead of something.

That is all.

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Cormac said...

I'm confused again...

I thought the rifle was found in the car.
Did he shoot a bunch of kids, then walk out to the parking lot to drop off his long-gun?
Or did he just use the 2 handguns that were found on him?

Jay G said...

At least check, there was a Saiga-type shotgun in the car. An AR-15 pattern rifle - possibly a Bushmaster - was used in the shooting.

That's if you believe anything the media has said about this shooting, mind you...

Mopar said...

If you beleive the police, he used the Bushmaster in the school, and also carried a 9mm Sig and a 10mm Glock. He offed himself with the Glock. There was a shotgun found in his trunk, which the tinfoil hat brigade SWEARS is the AR (hence proof of da coverups), even though in the video of that you can clearly see the trooper cycle the action on the side of the gun as a 12g shell pops out.

Now, if you were to believe ALL the various media reports, you have to also believe his mom was the teacher in that class, he killed her at home, then killed her again at the school, and he also killed his brother, his father, and his girlfriend. And that means you also have to believe that loser had a girlfriend to kill.

Roger said...

The criminals in washington have almost two years for the people to forget what has been done to them.
As has been shown time and time again, the public has a very short memory and can be bought with their own money (or someone else's money)
Remember that the obamessiah now does not have to worry about re-election. He can and will do any damn thing he wants to. Executive order, environmental edicts, and more.
Congress is limp puppy dog that has allowed its teeth to be pulled and has been endlessly outmaneuvered by the executive branch.
Sadly, we are getting the government we (or at least most of us) voted for.

Wraith said... might want to look at the contents of the proposed new ban. It makes the '94 fiasco look like the Second Amendment redux. How about NO detachable magazines AT ALL, for starters...!!!

Anti Money Laundering said...

Gun ban is really a good idea, and i think parents shall really keep their guns away from their children especially if they are teenagers or has mind problems. The government can't control everybody so it should really starts at home.

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