Thursday, December 6, 2012

Same Squirrel Time...

If it's Thursday, it must be time for The Squirrel Report!

Join us tonight as we discuss, among many topics, LawDog's excellent take on "The Monster", the Fiscal cliff, the whole Bob Costas debacle, and the Hunger Games analogy penned by the Instapundit himself. Call in topic TBD - but call in regardless! 214-530-0036 is the call-in number, and be sure to hang out in chat during the show.

This week the roll of Weerdbeard will be played by my #1 blogdaughter, so we'll have an even mix of guys and dolls. Weerd lost his grandmother earlier this week and will be with family. Our thoughts are with you, Weerd. Sorry you can't make it, especially given the circumstances.

Squirrel Report 9 PM EST - be there or be somewhere else!

That is all.

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