Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Right. We Need More Gun Laws...

Please, enlighten me. What gun laws would have stopped this?

2 boys, 14, arrested in cigarette shooting death
BEAVER FALLS, Pa. - Police have arrested two 14-year-olds in the fatal shooting of a western Pennsylvania woman after she told them to "get a job" when they tried to bum a cigarette off her boyfriend.
U.S. Marshals say Marcus Velasquez and Todavia Cleckley were arrested Tuesday in a Beaver Falls home. Both teens have been charged in the Dec. 8 shooting death of 22-year-old Kayla Peterson.
Shot and killed a woman because her boyfriend wouldn't give them a cigarette. Can we please drop the BS that this is a "gun problem"? This is a societal problem. This has nothing to do with the tool used - this has everything to do with the mindset that overwhelming violence isn't just the answer, but it is the first, last, and only answer that a certain percentage of our society views as acceptable.

And again. 13 and 14 years old. Too young to possess a firearm in PA. Certainly too young for a concealed permit. I'd wager money that the gun was stolen - even if only from a relative. So, they've got a stolen firearm which they are carrying illegally and they're shaking people down for cigarettes (even though they're too young to smoke). Someone tells them to get bent, and they shoot her dead.

But guns are the problem. Right.

No, the problem certainly couldn't be that large swatches of our culture are so wrapped up in "respect" that they view any slight as worthy of the death penalty. It can't be that they are so unafraid of our "justice" system that they think nothing of committing multiple felonies - and that's before they even pull the trigger. It certainly can't be that two young boys are out, walking around with a gun, looking for confrontations, rather than studying or participating in sports or other age-appropriate behavior.

See, you can blame the gun. It's an inanimate object incapable of defending itself. Those that cherish gun rights can be written off as toothless bumpkins, more in love with their heaters than the defenseless children in CT or some young woman in PA. The media happily goes along with the vilification of gun culture, highlighting every story that puts us in a bad light and accentuating every misstep. Clarion calls for "more gun control" - despite there being many thousands of laws already on the books - make for great soundbites for politicians desperate to appear like they're doing something.

It won't work; it hasn't for nearly 100 years; but that won't matter to someone clinging to relevance...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

I blame Big Tobacco.


Jacqueline said...

The way I see it the problem lies not with 'gun control' but with each successive generation being raised with an over-inflated sense of self. From soccer games that don't allow keeping score to parents fixing each child a separate meal instead of the entire family eating what was prepared. Young people today have no coping skills when it comes to life skills...ex: the college students who need therapy dogs to survive final exams.

Andie said...

+1 Jacqueline

FWIW, I feel that the entitlement attitude has contributed to this, too. No coping skills + limited world view ('cause the world revolves around Numero Uno) = poorly equipped person in adulthood (and before)

Having lived with one of the above-said "entitled" for a few years, let me assure you that my belief was strongly reinforced that he will be of limited value to society until he learns what it means to fall flat on his face and has to pick himself up and put himself to rights again. Not wishing him ill, but I DO wish I could have given him the kick in the a$$ several years ago so he might have learned earlier in his life.