Monday, December 10, 2012

Reminds Me Of A Story...

So, I heard this story on the radio this morning:

Anger after casino restaurant receipt reads 'Fat Girls'
STOCKTON, Calif. (WABC) -- Rule number one with casinos is that the house is always supposed to win. However, the Cameo Club Casino Restaurant in Stockton, California left three women feeling taken in an unusually big way.
Right at the top of the receipt, a bartender named Jeff typed in "Fat Girls" to keep track of the bill for the table. When the women asked the manager for explanation, they said he had a smirk on his face, like he was trying not to laugh.
Um, really? In a service industry in a crappy economy in a state with an even worse economy, you are going to willingly allow your customers to be insulted in this matter? SERIOUSLY? And then to offer them 25% off the bill in compensation? FAIL. You comp the entire bill, promise to have a serious discussion with "Jeff", and offer them *something* as a way to make it better. At a minimum.

Look, I don't care if the three women were so large they left small planets bobbing in their wake, it's a terrible idea to commit something like that to print. There's a video at the link where you can see they ordered a couple non-alcoholic drinks and an appetizer, for a total under $30. For less than $30, this casino has bought themselves a world of bad advertising. Just not smart in today's day and age of instant communication and feedback.

But I told you that so I could tell you this.

Back in the day, my buddy - let's call him Brian - got married. Now, it was a clash of worlds - Brian grew up in an Army family, went into ROTC in college, and accepted a commission after graduation. His bride was daddy's little girl - and daddy was a very rich doctor in a town nearby the base where Brian was stationed. Their wedding was an extremely lavish affair, with the men in their best dress uniforms and the ladies in dresses that I can only imagine cost more than what I paid for the car I was driving at the time (which, since I was in graduate school, isn't saying much).

So, we're well into the reception when the ladies of the bridal party were invited up on the dance floor. The girls are all dancing around, having a good time, when the DJ comments - OVER THE OPEN MIKE - "Wow, it looks like a Richard Simmons video out there!" The silence from the floor was deafening. Next thing you know, there's four very large and very angry gentlemen - including the groom - heading over to the DJ table. Followed closely by an even angrier father of the bride.

It's hard to say who looked more terrifying.

The DJ was exceptionally meek for the remainder of the reception, and I suspect that he investigated a different line of work after that, since I strongly doubt he would get any future gigs. The bottom line is that in any industry where you work for either tips or word-of-mouth recommendation, supreme caution must be taken to not offend your customer base.

IOW, don't be a dick.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Fire the waiter, comp the meals and give them their weight in chips?