Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Remember, They'll Just Take Your Gun Away From You...

Heh. Jacqueline in Texas sends in the absolute feel good story of the month.

Police: Man, 79, disarms rifle-toting intruder with karate chop to throat
LEAGUE CITY, Texas — With a karate chop to the throat, a 79-year-old resident disarmed a rifle-toting man who was high on bath salts while trying to break into his home, according to League City police.

Ervin Brittnacher awoke shortly before 6 a.m. Monday to a racket in front of his house in the 3000 block of McFarland Road, League City police Lt. Bruce Whitten said.

Okay. Let's set this scene. It's 6AM on a Monday morning. This 79 year old guy is sleeping, and some crazed drug addict - armed with a rifle - starts pounding on his door. Does he cower in fear? Does he call the cops and hope they show up in time? No, he opens the door, takes the gun away, throat-punches the dude, and calls the cops.

You, sir, are the MArooned Badass of the Week. Possibly Month.

It goes to illustrate a point that I've long held. I'd rather face a sheep with a gun than a wolf with his bare hands. It's not the tool being wielded that I fear; it's the hand that wields it - someone that wishes to do me harm and isn't afraid to get their hands dirty is a threat whether they have a gun, a knife, a hammer, or a small rock. Someone that's not used to acts of violence, who will hesitate at crucial moments or doesn't have the stomach for bloodshed, well, they're less of a threat.

And the whole "they'll just take your gun away and use it against you" canard? I certainly doubt that if Mr. Brittnacher had held a firearm, that anyone would get it away from him - at least not without magically growing a bunch of new holes in themselves. There is a nugget of wisdom in the "take your gun away from you" trope. If you think you might hesitate; if there's a chance you might falter; don't pull a gun thinking it's a magic talisman that will send the bad guys running.It's a tool, nothing more, nothing less, and its effectiveness depends entirely on the person using the tool.

Or you could be a total badass like Mr. Brittnacher and just throat-punch guys half your age...

That is all.


Rivrdog said...

High on BATH SALTS? Lessee, that would be magnesium sulphate, aka Epsom Salts? I hope the Booking Sergeant told him those are better taken as an enema than smoked.

The lesson here is that if you're ninjacool, you don't worry about gun retention. For the rest of us who carry, we need to spend some money not just at the gun range, but in the dojo practicing to hang onto that snubbie.

Anonymous said...

His 25 year old girl friend told him to come back to bed.


Suz said...

Close the thread. Gerry wins.

Geodkyt said...

Rivrdog --

Not exactly. They now market "bath ssalts" that are chemical cousins of a certain controlled substance, but far enough molecularly that it falls outside the ban, especially since it is clearly marked as "Bath Salts - Not For Human Consumption".

Just like the "synthetic marijuana" sold as "incense".

Face eating dude in Florida was one recent case of bath salts correlated with violent psychotic behavior.

Geodkyt said...

BTW, marijuana smelling incense? Really? Do we LOOK that damned dumb?

Yeah, that's what I need to spritz up the house with -- the smell of a burning rope locker (crossed with the smell of burning trash bags the synthetic crap has). Yeah, buddy, gimme some more of that.

Seriously, do even weed smokers LIKE the smell of burning marijuana?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brittnacher is also in the Rodeo Hall of Fame as a world champion bull rider and was a working cowboy. They don't make many that tough these days. His son was on the news last night saying, "nice guy, but you never cross him."


Tom in VA said...

Mr. Brittnacher knows the Riddle of Steel.