Sunday, December 9, 2012

PSS: Precious Snowflake Syndrome

Jacqueline in Texas sends in Exhibit A of PSS.

Therapy dogs helping Rice students during finals
HOUSTON - Therapy dogs from Faithful Paws Pet Therapy help sick kids through hospital stays and provide love to nursing home patients. Now, they are offering their support to stressed out students at Rice University.

"It's extremely exhausting, you don't sleep very much," said one student.

The animal therapists said petting these dogs has been proven to reduce blood pressure and heart rates.

OMG! Finals are, like, so hard! They expect you to, like, know stuff and stuff! I'm, like, so stressed out! We have a right to easy grades, it's in the Constitution you know. I thought I had a tough schedule in college - being in a science major, I almost always had a class that met at 8:30 on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. OMG! I should have had a therapy dog for having to get up at 8:00 in the morning. What a tough life!

College should be hard. There should be a lot of stress. Life is hard - and no one brings a "therapy dog" into your place of work to help relieve stress. There is going to continue to be a sharper and sharper divide between those willing to work hard and succeed and those that want to skate by, blaming the lack of therapy dogs and a "tough" class load on their poor grades and lackluster performance. The problem is that the slackers have the same vote as the producers, and will continue to vote for whoever promises to play Santa Claus most convincingly.

But, really, therapy dogs for college kids? 

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Heh. A gal at the local Junior College persuaded the Powers That Be that her yappy handbag dog was "an anxiety dog" and so had to be permitted per the ADA. I never understood if the dog gave other people anxiety or took hers away. The dog ran into traffic and got done in one weekend later that semester, or so I'm told.


MSgt B said...

There's one other thing that reduces anxiety at finals time.

Actually studying and knowing the material.

Anonymous said...

I thought that what pot... I mean beer was for?


Glenn B said...

I never had a dog when I was growing up. Well, not literally true - we had a dog for about 2 days once. My brother brought it home but had to get rid of it right away. In college, I had to rely on that old college standby to relieve stress - booze and plenty of it.

I did not have the luxury of attending a college wherein I slept away. We could not afford that because we were just about dirt poor. So, I went to a city college in NYC - John Jay College of Criminal Justice. My first year cost about $56 per semester for registration - that was it. Then all of a sudden tuition was implemented at about $500 a semester. That caused some stress but we scraped up the money by working for it (imagine I actualy worked while in college). Then there was the trying to get financial aid. I was denied almost every time because my mom and I made about $100-$200 a year over the cutoff. Yet, we were on the dole for food stamps and I had to stand on those damned free cheese lines just no financial aid for college. (It always amazed me that there was an actual riot at that college when the financial aid checks were late once.)

Want to talk about stress, how about having to take the NYC transit system to school each day for at least a three hour round trip. It was either a bus to the train, and the train with a connection to another or a walk to the train staton and then the two trains. Then a short walk to the school.

Then add to that the stress of me walking into the college cafeteria on my first day and suddenly absolute silence where a moment before had been many lively conversations. Every head had turned and all eyes were on me with my full beard and hair passed my shoulders. Every hip, except mine, was wearing a piece and most of them were attached to guys who looked like Joe Friday, yikes!

Then there was the studying, cramming for exams and all. I wound up graduating with honors on my own merit. I suppose someone would think that was all very stressful and that I could have used a dog to pet then. I just settled for a trip to the college's Rathskeller. That used to be the great stress reliever for college, booze and plenty of it.

Old NFO said...

+1 on MSgt B... I went back to college while serving full time in the Navy, classes every other weekend 0800-1700 Sat/Sun to get the SAME class work the kids got on campus in 2 weeks... We graduated 22 of 22, and the LOWEST average was a 3.4.

instinct said...

When I went to art college (yeah, they exist) we typically had two classes every day as freshman and sophomores (some classes met twice a week).

Each class would have required homework that would take at least 3-5 hours and we were told by the instructors on the first day of school that half would not graduate, they were wrong - 65% of my group dropped out because "it's so haaaard"

When my fellow classmates would start crying about how tough the classes are or "Well, I was at my friends party so I didn't have time to finish..." my typical response was "Sucks to be you then."

Yeah, there was stress - and I handled it by being an adult.

The Jack said...

And here's another kicker.

You can bet your bunk those "scholars" would refelxively rant about the evils of privilege and the need to husband finite resources.

And here they are claiming therapy dog and handler time.

Guess there's no children's hospitals or hospices or clinics or any other place with someone who has worse problems than OMG Math is hard!

Hell even within the school itself do you think students with real problems are gonna get to these dogs? Or will it be the snowflakes.

But again, privilege is only bad when it's someone else who gets it.

pediem said...

If they think college is hard, I want to know why I didn't get my very own dedicated therapy dog for medical school!

BobG said...

When I was in college it was coffee that got me through finals.

Stan said...

If they want to pet some dogs or cats Im sure a local shelter could use some volunteers, they can even put the time on their resumes, win win right?

Ancient Woodsman said...

I went 5 years to UNH for a 4 year BS in the subject recommended to me by mentors in the profession I was looking for - and which I got in, passed retirement eligibility, and am still trucking on.

No scholarships, had to work a full-time 44-hour-per-week job while going to school full time, and another 40-hour/week job in the summers. Not much social life for 5 years, but I graduated with no bills, got married, bought a house, had kids. I always thought that's the way it was supposed to be - work hard for what you want; tough out the tough stuff and you (might) enjoy the good stuff.

I'd think I'm normal, but then again I'm commenting on blogs with an assumed name...but I didn't need comfort doggies to get through college debt free, either.

Cargosquid said...

I'm back in college now on the GI Bill. One good thing about going back when you're 50 is the new perspective. College isn't too hard after active duty Navy or deploying to Kuwait for a year.

Want hard studying? Get your Expeditionary Pin or Enlisted Surface Warfare pin...or sub quals...etc.

Or for the equivalent of a DOCTORATE IN STRESS...combat. Which, thank God, I didn't have.

I reeeaallly enjoy talking with my fellow students...especially the young ones fresh out of high school. I remember being them, in college. Which is why I ended up in the Canoe Club..... :)

Kevin R.C. O'Brien said...

Dude, that is cruel. To the dogs.

ProdigalSon said...

Here's some thoughts from a current college student:

GO TO YOUR DAMN CLASSES! Seriously. The professor will teach you what you need to know if you just pay attention. So go to class, study a bit every week instead of all at once, and you will not be stressed. It really isn't that hard of a concept.