Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Wrong Delivery: Oil Company Delivers To Home That Doesn’t Use Oil
NEW BEDFORD (CBS) – The delivery man for Guard Oil pumped the 27 gallons of home heating oil into a home Tuesday.

The only problem was, the home uses natural gas and the fill pipe was disconnected and the oil tank removed years ago.

Okay, I'm a little confused. I would think - HOPE - that when they remove the service that they would render the oil fill unusable somehow, but as this story shows that is not the case. I've talked to folks that have had oil tanks leak in their basement, and apparently it is a legal nightmare to remove the oil - basically, anything that the oil touches has to be disposed of as a hazardous material.

Now, 27 gallons makes me wonder if the delivery guy realized that he'd screwed up. Our tank is 275 gallons, and for him to have put only ~ 10% in before stopping makes me think he realized that something wasn't right. 27 gallons is still quite a bit of oil to have loose in a basement, though, and it's going to take a fair bit of remediation to make it right. I just hope that wasn't a finished basement...

I just wonder what happened when he called in the delivery to the home office. I can't imagine the look on the dispatcher's face when they realized that this guy was making a delivery to an address that no longer had oil heat. I wonder if that poor SOB still has a job - and if he does, just how much ribbing he's going to take.

It just goes to show that no matter how well prepared you think you are, Senor Murphy shows up at the damnedest times...

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...


I've been pondering some potential money-earning ideas. One is of course clean-up businesses. Are you aware of any of your readers who currently work in residential clean-up? Hazmat clean-up? What about "crime scene" clean-up? I know the final one has the potential to be truly nasty but what the heck . . $$ is $$.

- Brad

Ross said...

Another reason I NEVER want to have a house with oil heat...

notDilbert said...

When you fill a oil tank the filler nozzle "Whistles" ( The displaced air comes out thru the nozzle ) The driver realisled no whistle means something wrong , But buy the time he shut it off he'd already pumped 27 gal - 3/4 inch hose pumps a lot quickly.

.... But yes when they removed the tank they should have removed the filler as well. ..... and the Tank removeal contractor probaly Liable but likely no longer in business.

Jeff the Baptist said...

No they don't mark the old tank except in their notes. My grandparents have two tanks. One buried under their front yard that works. One buried under their driveway that they don't use anymore because it leaks. After they switched oil dealers, the first fill up with the new guy was on the wrong tank.

HerrBGone said...

I look for disconnected fill pipes when viewing a property. That's one thing on my list that the home owner needs to fix before we have a signed P&S.

I'm having problems with my propane supplier. (To the point that I keep wanting to spell it ProPain...)

About three weeks ago we scheduled a delivery of 50gal. to tide us over since both tanks were about out and at the same time we arranged for the replacement of one of our tanks that was at the end of it's service life. When I got home from work the day of the delivery I found that both tanks were full to the gills.

I called to cancel the tank swap, but they decided to proceed anyway even though the full tanks would make it much more of a hassle for the technician. That was done two weeks ago. I'm still waiting for the credit for the fuel that went away with the tank.

Monday I watched the delivery guy out my back window fill the tanks at my neighbors house. He was also supposed to fill mine. Apparently he decided that he didn't need to follow that order either since he'd just filled both of my tanks three weeks ago.

I'll be calling the office to complain tomorrow. I didn't today because I was busy cooling my heals at Sears for three and a half hours getting snow tires. But that's a story for another day...

Jim said...

If Murphy screwed up the oil delivery, wouldn't you then clean it up with Murphy's Oil Soap?

Just wondering?

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX