Friday, December 14, 2012

One Month Away...

One month from tomorrow marks the start of the 35th annual SHOT Show, the NSSF-sponsored trade show featuring all aspects of the shooting community. Firearms, ammunition, and gear manufacturers will be present; law enforcement representatives from around the world will gather; and traditional and new media types (like your humble host) will all be present at the fifth largest trade show in all of Las Vegas.

Speaking of us new media types, there's also a lunch for us on Thursday at the Grand Lux Café.

Please, come join us if you're in town for the show. Or just in town. You can even join up on Facebook!

I'm looking forward to my second SHOT Show, as this time I'll have an idea what to expect. I went last year for my first time, and spent pretty the entire first day wandering around like the proverbial kid in a candy store. This year I've already got some interviews planned, some booths I intend to visit, and even some press-type stuff to attend to. I'm planning on visiting some manufacturers that have sent invites to specific releases; others that I'm just plain interested in meeting.

Anything specific folks would like to hear about from the show?

That is all.


Scott_S said...

I'd like to see STI, Sig, and JP (the AR15 guys)and see what they have in the pipeline for next year. From STI I'm interested on any new self def. products. Sig had a Max Michelle 1911 that was supposed to come out. And JP always has some new AR goodies in the pipeline.

Gene from NC said...

Jay, I'd really like to find out if KelTec is going to add a .45ACP to the 9mm & .40 carbine lineup. Maybe increase KSG production??

zdogk9 said...

Wear your kilt.