Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Okay, so I'm a bad blogfather. Sometime in the past day or so, my #1 blogson saw his 1,000,000th hit. I don't feel all that bad, because it happened sometime on Christmas, and I paid precisely zero attention to anything in the blogosphere yesterday, quite on purpose. Love y'all, but yesterday was for family and friends. Today, though, I wanted to make sure you knew about Borepatch's milestone so you could go give him proper huzzahs.

I've known Borepatch for the better part of five years now. He attended the very first Northeast Bloggershoot, and was a regular attendee until he moved to Free America. I consider him a close friend, and hated to see him move. I mean, don't get me wrong; I'm glad he was able to escape Massachusetts, but I wish he'd done it to someplace closer, like New Hamster. As it is, I only see him electronically now, and while the internet is great at keeping people connected, the face-to-face interactions are what it's all about.

Congratulations, blogson. You have made me very proud over the past four and a half years. Your writing is crisp, smart, witty; your posts are thoughtful, humorous, and insightful; I'm glad you're on our side, because you are, as we say, wicked smaht. Your global warming posts are among my favorite; while most of us are content to mock, you bring the smart and make mincemeat out of their hokey religion. The internet security posts are excellent as well, even if they do make me want to hide under the bed...

Go wish Borepatch a happy million!

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Yeah for BorePatch! BTW, your link to Weer'ds site is saying "Fatal Error." Might be on his end, though.

Cormac said...

He was also the mastermind behind the first Dallas Area Blogshoot (DAB).

And we were talking about plans for DAB3 this past Sunday at dinner.

It's a pretty fun tradition to take part in.

Borepatch said...

Jay, thanks. I literally never would have done this if it hadn't been for you.

And the only thing I miss about Massachusetts is you guys.