Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not A War, But Does This At Least Count As A Skirmish?

Liberals love to pooh-pooh the idea that there is a "war on Christmas" - and they're right; it's certainly not that coordinated nor serious. But it's not hard to see why some folks would view it that way, especially in light of stories like this:

Mansfield School Cancels Holiday Concert After Parent Complaints
MANSFIELD (CBS) – A holiday tradition in Mansfield has come to an end. School leaders at Jordan/Jackson elementary have chosen not to have the regular winter concert, at least as it has been done in recent years.
Typically, the show features the school’s 4th and 5th graders classes singing traditional holiday tunes that celebrated the winter season, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.
But the school’s principal told the local paper that after last year’s show, several moms and dads complained about the religious content of the program. So the school made the call to replace the holiday tunes with a Martin Luther King, Jr.-themed performance next month.
Okay, I'll freely admit that I don't know just how much "religious content" the program may or may not have had. It's hard to imagine, though, that if they're taking the steps of including Chanukkah and Kwanzaa, that it was terribly *religious* per se; it's far more likely that they barely touch on the religious underpinnings and concentrate on the rituals of all the major celebrations.

Of course, that's not good enough for everyone, so in true "zero tolerance" fashion, they just canceled the whole thing. Far better that the entire program be scrapped - and all the work the kids and teachers put in go to waste - than for someone's anti-religion skivvies get all in a bunch. It would be interesting to know just how many people complained - they say "several", but I'd be shocked if it were more than 2 or 3.

I wonder, too, if the parents that complained work on Christmas. If the holiday so offends them, then they're at their job despite being given the day off, right? I mean, taking the free day off when they don't celebrate, well, that's practically stealing, isn't it? Plain and simple, if you make such a stink that your kids's school cancels their "Holiday Concert" and your lazy ass isn't at your desk at 8:00 AM on December 25th, you are a hypocrite, plain and simple.

Or, in a completely non-religious manner, a Grinch.

That is all.


Dirk said...

You would think an MLK-themed performance would be offensive to more people than a "holiday-themed" one....

bluesun said...

Hey, let's just ignore 2,000 years (or more!) of cultural history just because it has some yucky stuff called "religion" in it! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Anonymous said...


Anyone who would mention that get the Ace of Race card played on them. That is alway trump.

See old NFO's blog on how the Navy deals with it.


Anonymous said...

As an Atheist this does not bother me when there are programs like this. Unfortunately, I know it bothers some people. That said, I ask the question (based on a true incident in my town) "Was someone actually offended, or are the teachers 'too tired' to be bothered putting the same old show together?"


Dirk said...

Yeah, I read old NFO's blog. Also sad. Political correctness has always driven me totally nuts.

Chasing Freedom said...

I've often wondered if those people who are vehemently opposed to the public celebration of Christmas accept Christmas bonuses or take advantage of Christmas sales. I'm with you, Jay, if a nativity scene makes someone break out the smelling salts they shouldn't take advantage of any Christmas-related benefits.

Anonymous said...

So, the concert honoring MLK Jr would be pretty short, maybe, "Amazing Grace" and "Go tell it on the mountain" Any others come to mind? Maybe Kumbaya?

zdogk9 said...

I seem to recall that M.L.K. had a Rev. before his name.
Whatever would he think?

Robert said...

Anybody else reminded of the South Park episode of the kids putting on the play?

Anonymous said...

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